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Least Favorite Season:

Again leaving the Classic Who seasons out of it, my least favorite series is series 3. The Martha series. I have no real problem with Martha Jones (Except for the breathing thing that I’ve already mentioned), it’s just that the entire series is so sad and nothing really good comes out of it. Everyone hates the Doctor in that series except for Jack. Martha, her family, the Master. There is the thing with his “daughter”, but that ends sadly too.

I like the beginning part of a Doctor’s reign because they’re all happy and adventurous, but then stuff happens to them and they get all sad and slightly suicidal. I like it when a Doctor just feels adventurous and crazy and awesome. The Doctor doesn’t feel this way with Martha, so I usually just watch the first episode of the series before it gets all awkward and sad and then I skip right on to the Donna series.


Favorite Season:

I’ve only seen a few of the actual seasons of Classic Who, but out of the New Who series, I really liked series two and four. David Tennant as the Doctor, absolutely fabulous, and both Rose and Donna as companions. Those companions coupled well with the tenth Doctor because they made him happy and they were his friends. The Martha series didn’t work well for me because Martha and the Doctor weren’t really close friends and because the Doctor wasn’t happy at all, though he managed to pull together for the most part.

I’m really enjoying the Eleventh Doctor’s reign, though. The seventh series is set to start airing soon, so I’m pretty excited. The show has gotten super intricate and mysterious and I like it a lot. The fifth series was cool because of the new Doctor thing (Plus Amy is super awesome)(Not to mention Rory who is pleasingly… flail-y) and because of the new direction of the story-line and whatnot.

Even though I really like Eleven, I’m also excited to have a new Doctor, just to see how I’ll react. The transition from Nine to Ten was weird because I had actually seen some of Ten’s episodes before I started watching the episodes in order, so I knew it was coming, but I was still sad because I really like Nine. The transition from Ten to Eleven was downright traumatizing and I hated Eleven for the first episode of his, though it didn’t last very long. I think it would be interesting to get a new Doctor. It’s cool how the television series can thrive by killing off their main character. I do it sometimes in my writing, though I do mostly kill off all the supporting characters just to make my main character miserable.