BEDA stands for “Blog Every Day in April”. Technically it would work for August, but August is CampNaNoWriMo and April is only Script Frenzy. Writing a screenplay in a month is much easier than writing a novel in a month, so I do BEDA in April seeing as I’m spending all of my free time typing anyway.

This morning, at exactly 4:44 (because I notice such things), I woke up with a kind of largish headache. After taking some drugs (like a boss), I got to lay in bed for a half of an hour as my headache slowly subsided. Very. Slowly.

Also, it’s my half birthday today. My half birthday is Jesus’ real birthday, so that’s pretty awesome, I guess.

Ooh, so, I wrote this short story thing for my friend for her birthday back in… I don’t remember which month. Anyway, I entered it into the Scholastic Art and Writing contest and got “honorable mention”. I just got my certificate in the mail. Now I can hang it on the wall with every other honorable mention I have. Literally, the only contest thing I’ve ever entered into and not won the honorable mention award was the fifth grade science fair, which I won first place in. Oh, and the jump-rope competition. I got fourth place, which is almost like an honorable mention. When I sent in my short story, I also sent in the first novel that I wrote, but I don’t get to know what if I even get honorable mention until May. Probably not, seeing as that novel is the worst (and best) thing I ever wrote. It might get better when I revise it, but when I sent it in, I didn’t really revise it all that much…