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Today I was walking through campus, on my way to free food (because there’s nothing more beautiful than free food when you’re a college student) when I saw an old man standing on a corner, holding a sign. People were walking by him, all on their way to super duper important things (like free food), not even glancing over (or glancing over and quickly glancing away.

SO, of course I decide that I’m going to go talk to this man. That’s how I roll these days, impulsive, spontaneous. I’m kidding. I actually believe this decision was inspired. The man was a Jehovah’s Witness.

Now, having grown up in the Mormon hub of the world (aka Utah), I haven’t had the pleasure of knowing a lot of people who aren’t Mormons. In fact, I only know two Jehovah’s Witness, as far as I know: a girl who went to high school with me (and her little brother) and a woman who is a friend of the family (and her children). These two people are the smartest, most intelligent, funniest, most pleasant people I’ve ever known.

The man that I talked to didn’t have much to say, but I could tell that he was glad to have someone to talk to. I mean, it was freaking cold out there and he was just standing there, all alone. I wasn’t talking to him with the intent of converting to his religion, I’m good with my own, and I don’t agree with some of the things he believed, but none of that matters. We both believe in the same God and we’re both children of that God.

I think sometimes that people get so hung up on which religion you belong to that they forget that we’re all part of the same species. We’re all the same, inside and out and that should count for something. Forget all the disagreements and all the hate and just be a decent person. Just because you talk to a person representing another religion doesn’t mean that you’re promising to convert to it, it means you’re being a decent person.

That goes for Mormons as well. I’ve actually heard my fellow Mormons mock or talk negatively about Jehovah’s Witnesses when they are approached by their missionaries. Why is it that Mormons take Mormon missionaries so seriously, yet when another religion dares to try to spread their message, they’re shot down?

I don’t want to get too much further into this because I don’t want to start bashing anyone, seeing as I just told people to stop bashing on each other. It’s just something to think about.

Anyway, I’m sort of in the middle of a class, so I should probably start taking some notes.

Best Wishes.


Dear Internet Trolls,

Specifically, trolls that frequent a certain dating website that I occasionally frequent. You know, I’m usually a pretty tolerant person. In fact, I like to think that I can hold a conversation with any type of person you throw at me… except for you. You infuriate me to no end, which is rather the point, I suppose. I have pretty darn good self control. I once carried a candy bar around in my coat pocket for years just to prove that I could do it. However, you have no idea how hard it is for me not to engage in the mud flinging.

Can you seriously see how negatively your words affect other people and ENJOY it? I mean, if I watch a movie where someone yells something rude at someone else, I get uncomfortable and want to hide. I am the least confrontational person ever… When a teacher yelled at my class, I tiptoed around them for months and made sure to never do what they got upset about EVER. I wouldn’t ever be able to cause someone pain with my words and like it.

Now, I know that everyone is different and you guys have the right to all your opinions. I admire that you feel so strongly about your opinions. You have the right to voice and defend them. You do NOT have the right to attack ANYONE…. Everyone knows about you guys and everyone knows what I’m talking about, so I suppose that’s it.


Side note to the rest of the world (who aren’t reading this, more than likely):

Just a little something about belief. Everyone believes something, even the neutral people. Everyone has the right to believe whatever they want. Everyone has the right to share what they believe with others. Everyone has the right to defend their beliefs. Everyone has the right to understand and know the facts about what other people believe without falling prey to half-truths and myths.

Seriously, people. It doesn’t matter enough what other people think to call names and poke fun. Don’t be stupid about beliefs. EVEN IF YOU BELIEVE THAT YOUR BELIEF IS RIGHT, you don’t need to be rude and you can accept that other people believe different things.

YOU DON’T NEED TO ACCEPT THAT WHAT THEY BELIEVE IS TRUE. You do need to accept that people are different; they think differently, they were raised differently, they see things differently. People can have decent conversations with each other and not be obnoxious. I believe that’s possible with all my heart.

Another point: It doesn’t matter whether or not someone came to their belief through intellect or emotion. It’s just as legitimate. I know there’s this thing about science versus religion/logic versus feeling and I’m definitely not going into it. Stop using the method of reaching a conclusion as an indicator of legitimacy. When I was doing Forensics for my high school Science Olympiad team, I was charged with identifying powders based on a couple of different basic properties of the compounds. There were a couple of different flow charts I could use in order to deduce what an unknown powder was.

Using the flow charts and basic property was the… shall we say “sanctioned” method of finding the identity of the powders. However, when I asked for the advice of one of the Chemistry teachers, he told me that I could determine the identity by tasting the powders. This was against the rules, but he said that he could identify almost any compound by its taste. Apparently, his college professors didn’t like this method at all, but he could reach the same conclusions (and faster, I might add) as his classmates using the “right” method.

All I’m saying is that it doesn’t matter how you come to a conclusion, you’re entitled to that conclusion. No more squabbling about how it was reached or why or when or how long it took. That stuff doesn’t matter. What matters is that you believe it and no one can take that away from you.

I’m not just talking about organized religion or theism or the usual stuff. Any opinions. Anything. Politics, favorites, strategy, morals. Anything and everything. Go ahead and believe what you want to. You can do it without reference to what everyone else is doing. Let’s be chivalrous and courteous. Go on, I DARE YOU.