I was fully planning on writing a blog post about the first week of school, but here it is, mid-trimester, and I didn’t do it… Whatever, I can still blog about school, can’t I? I’m just going to do this the lazy way and start with first hour and go on.

First hour: AP Literature

For those of you who didn’t know (I didn’t until recently), “AP” stands for “Answer the prompt”. Basically, when we analyze literature and then write an essay about it, our main goal is to answer whatever prompt we are given. If you can’t successfully answer the prompt, then apparently you fail at life.

One thing that absolutely gets me about this class, and every English class I’ve had since the eighth grade, is that no matter what I do, I can’t get the teacher to like me. In mostly any other subject I have, I can usually get my teachers to like me and think I’m pretty clever. I’m not saying that I’m super clever, really, but my teachers like me and I like them. They’re cool, but English teachers just won’t acknowledge me as anything other than average. I don’t mean to sound horribly vain (which I probably am), but I like to think of myself as a pretty good writer and my grammar skills are far superior to most kids my age (as Facebook statuses will attest to).

In this AP Literature class particularly, I’m actually ignored. I made the mistake of hurting my teacher’s ego early on. We were talking about being able to understand any text to some degree by using context clues and we were challenged to try to “stump the teacher” by bringing her any text at all that she could analyze. I took her my book entitled, “The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense”, but contains several passages that actually mean nothing. She conceded pretty quickly, declaring me victorious, but ever since, she’s started to ignore me. I’ll start talking and she talk over me.

I actually like her, as a teacher. She’s one of the most effective teachers that I’ve had for a long time, and she’s actually pretty cool as a person, having lent me a couple reading book, all fabulous. The only time I was able to do something right in her class, was when we did an analysis as a group and she didn’t actually know that it was I who wrote the analysis paragraph. She keeps telling us that she expects us to get very low scores and be very bad at everything for the first trimester because we don’t know what we’re doing, but that’s really not giving us any chance to be good at something because she doesn’t expect us to be able to.

I think she underestimates our intelligence a little bit, which bugs me, but otherwise, it’s a very informative class.

Second hour: Seminary

I’m pretty lucky when it comes to the Seminary classes that I’m put in. I’ve had every single one of the Seminary teachers besides the guy that wasn’t here last year. This trimester’s teacher is one of the most interesting teacher I’ve had. He knows Hebrew and integrates a lot more of his theories into the class along with doctrine, more so than other teachers. I’m not saying that he makes things up, but his theories make a lot of sense to me. I’ve learned a lot in his class and he’s pretty hilarious on a daily basis.

I’m generally a huge fan of Seminary. A lot of things make sense to me and the teachers are all very cool, interesting people. Plus, they always recommend books to me at times when I need something to read.

Third hour: Orchestra

Compared to last year, our class has improved a lot. Our teacher is in class a lot more than she was last year, though she does get to class late daily. This is due to her first two hours being spent at a different school. The music we’re playing for our Halloween concert in about a week is some pretty great stuff.

The thing I’m most excited about is that we get to wear our Halloween costumes for the concert. My friend, Leslie, and I are being Hogwarts students (not specific characters), though Leslie calls us “Hogwartians” which bugs me because it sounds so stupid when she says it (though it is pretty weird conceptually). I was trying to get a scarf knitted for the concert, but I’m only half done so far, so I don’t know if I’m going to make it.

Fourth hour: Social Dance

I’m being forced to take this class due to needing a PE credit, but it’s not all that bad, since I’m actually super good at dancing. We’re learning the waltz right now, which makes all kinds of sense after having to do the Foxtrot for a month.

Fifth hour: Pre-Calculus

I oppose math classes, though I think math is interesting… I really don’t have much to say about this class other than I read, sleep, and procrastinate a lot during it.

Sixth hour: Financial Literacy

I usually get on the internet and read Tumblr during this class because Tumblr is the only sight, besides Pottermore, that the school district hasn’t blocked on the computers. It’s interesting enough, I suppose, and I do sit by some pretty awesome people who keep me entertained whilst we take endless notes on identity fraud.


I’ll probably write again when classes change… If I ever get around to it. :)