Or it at least leads to advantages.

Today, my work shift seemed to last longer than usually, simply because it’s a Sunday and no one goes to Walmart on Sunday (except for ten minutes before my shift ends at 10pm… and then everyone panics). Only a few hours in, I was moved across the front end to step in for someone who was just about to end her shift (which I didn’t end up doing, but that’s not the point). This lady was doing price matches for one of the customers, which you have to type in manually and they take forever, especially if there are a lot of the same items, which there was, in this case. The lady had just finished typing in all the numbers when one of the managers came over and told her that the price and yet another store was lower than the price at Walmart AND the price they’d already been matched to. Of course I felt terrible for this lady, but she’s new and I was feeling good about not being the new girl any more.

A little later, I was doing price matches for another customer and she came to an item and wanted me to type the price in for twenty of the items at just a penny less than the price at Walmart. Fortunately for her, I knew that other people had been price matching it at much lower. If I was going to have to type them all in, I wasn’t going to do it for a penny. Needless to say, the lady was very pleased that I knew this.

Throughout the rest of the day, I couldn’t help but notice that people were just buying items at the Walmart price when I knew there was a lower price somewhere else. I wasn’t going to tell them that, though. I can barely stand to speak to them when I have to, but I thought that it was interesting that they had the ability to price match if they wanted to, but they didn’t care enough to do a little work to find out the lower prices.

These people who price match everything may be annoying and they may look really stupid to people who don’t care about what things cost, but this knowledge they have gives them an advantage. Maybe not so much an advantage as it rewards them. They’re buying their thousand grocery items for less than other people.

The same can be said about scholarly people. They may seem really weird and stupid to people who don’t care, but they’re being rewarded in ways that people who don’t care about learning things aren’t even aware of. Of course, most people without knowledge don’t even notice that they’re living at higher cost than others. They’re perfectly happy. They don’t want to do the extra work that it takes to gain knowledge and that’s fine. I’d rather people not price match every single one of their items. It sucks for me, but it most definitely doesn’t suck for them.

So, learn stuff.

In other news, some of my coworkers have started greeting me by name… This is a problem because I don’t know their names and now I’m going to have to learn them. I don’t even know most of the names of my managers. I know two of the costumer service managers… plus the shift manager and the zone manager. That’s it.