I read this article recently… well, I read most of it. It is a very thorough article.

I like the idea of not talking about the things that are the most important to you. Admittedly, I do understand why people say that you should tell the people that you love that you love them because if they don’t know, they might wonder and then someone might die and it’s also nice to know, but there are some things I definitely don’t talk about much either because I don’t understand how to or because I avoid sentiment wherever possible. I swear, if humans could communicate via emotions, half of our problems would suddenly become solvable. Some things just sound stupid when you try to talk about them because usually the only phrases or words that you can find to express things are cliches and very annoying. I find cliches meaningless, even though they really aren’t and even though it’s nearly impossible to explain things without phrases loaded with connotation. Language is imprecise and not at all user friendly, in my opinion, and I’m a sort of word-inclined person. Music is a little better because tone is more flexible, but it’s too easy to misread or misunderstand the message, if indeed there even is one. This is why people have a hard time communicating. At least when it comes to important things. Humans are EXCELLENT at communication when it comes to unimportant things. This is why I think teenagers talk so much. They haven’t really matured for long enough to find something really important to not communicate about, but they feel that insatiable need to communicate, so they just communicate about everything. So, conclusion number one, humans are usually just awful. Conclusion number two, even having realized this, I am unlikely to discontinue my journey toward the perfect communication of at least one, small thing. That’s why novelists write such huge books. We know that it’s unlikely that we’ll portray much meaning, so we write a lot in the hope that at least one small thing will get across.