Yesterday, Saturday March 31, I went on a date with my friend, Gavin and a few of our friends, to the second session of the LDS General Conference. Mostly this date consisted of us driving while listening to choral music (because we’re awesome), making cheesy jokes, running down six flights of stairs because we parked on the sixth floor of a parking garage thing, walking four or five-ish blocks through throngs of singing people and swirling blossoms from trees because it was a little windy, making cheesy jokes, standing in lines, avoiding cameras, obsessing over bowties, going to our conference session, coming back out, joining a group of people singing just for fun, sitting by some water while singing some more and splashing one another, making cheesy jokes, laughing at the chessy jokes we were making, walking around the City Creek Mall, going up and down escalators, running back up six flights of stairs, driving to Bountiful, eating food, making cheesy jokes, eating ice cream, driving home while listening to Disney music and other musics, making more cheesy jokes, and almost dying in a fiery explosion of a car crash on our way to my house. I was going to elaborate a little more, but I don’t really feel like it, so there you go.