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362px-LightningK This book is my favorite book. I always forget that whenever I’m not reading it, but when I am, I know that it’s my favorite. The first time I read it, my brother lent it to me and I spent years afterward looking for it. When I finally did find it, there were two copies at the local DI, which seemed unfair to me since I had been looking there for so long.

You will like this book if you like time travel. The time travel in this novel represents what I believe time travel would be if it were possible, no matter how much I love Doctor Who.

It’s hard to explain just why this book is so fantastic to me, but I think it’s mostly due to the connection to the past. I think a lot about the past and a lot about the effects of changing things in the past. There’s this fantastic motif of how knowledge and hindsight can affect how decisions are made.

One thing that kind of bugged me was this idea of destiny that kept coming up throughout the book. It did make for a more robust plot, but otherwise, I disagree with the idea of destiny for the most part.

There isn’t a lot I can say about why the book appeals to me without spoiling it. Anyway, this book should be read by you. All of you. Now.


Favorite GIF:

I’m not even sure how this uploading media works…

Those are my favorites among others. The problem with asking me about gifs is that I love gifs like nobody’s business. I can spend hours on tumblr just watching gifs. I have to severely limit my time on tumblr or I will never accomplish anything ever.

Whenever I go to my friend Leslie’s house to do homework or something, we watch shows whilst we work, which actually helps me to work faster since I have a hard time concentrating sometimes (all the time), but she always makes me turn it off and do silent working and stuff. I’m not really complaining, seeing as I usually get my homework done, but I like watching stuff.

This becomes a huge problem when I watch things in the evening because I will watch an episode of some show and if there is another episode after it, I will keep watching and it is very hard for me to stop. I tend to soak things in when I find them interesting. Like, when I’m sitting in history class or chemistry, sometimes I completely forget about taking notes because I get so caught up in what the teacher is teaching. This happens with books and movies and television and Wikipedia articles. It’s terrible…

Though that didn’t happen in AP Chemistry this morning, though we were talking about my favorite subject: nuclear chemistry. I get what Google tells me are ocular migraines, though the article I just read said that they’re painless, which they most certainly are not for me.

The thing was, this morning I kind of freaked out at my little sister because she lost all of my lunch foods so I had to pack other stuff to eat and so I forgot to take my drugs. The drugs I take are anti-inflammatory pills for my neck and when I don’t take them, every muscle I have (it seems) seizes up and I get really lame headaches. This headache started with a line of distortion in my vision just to the left of where my eyes focus. Basically, I couldn’t focus on anything, so I took my glasses off because they’re pretty useless at that point and sat for a while before the final bell rang trying to not be blind any more. This effort proved useless, however, for my blindness persisted.

Another problem I have is that I can’t hear very well. In order to hear a person and be able to focus on what they’re saying, I need to be looking at them. Thus, I sit at the very front of the classroom in all of my classes and stare the teacher down whilst they are teaching. I’ve learned to be able to take notes without looking at the paper, though I can’t really stay in the lines. Because I was pretty much blind, I couldn’t really focus on what my teacher was saying and I couldn’t read what was written on the board, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to be very confused tomorrow during class.

The blindness sort of went away during second hour, but third hour was the worst. Playing music is really hard when you can’t see the notes… or sit up straight for that matter. Fortunately, it’s gone now that I’m home and on drugs again. Unfortunately, I only have one pill left, so I’m bound to get really grumpy this weekend when I’m suffering from withdrawals.

I’m not even sure that you can get addicted to these anti-inflammatory drugs. They aren’t all that strong and they really don’t do much except decrease swelling, which I seem to have a lot of. I may have to take them for the rest of my life if my physical therapist never calls me back with an appointment and figures out how to fix me. He’s really nice, though, and he’s tried a ton of stuff that normally works on people but doesn’t work on me. I feel bad for him, seeing as nothing ever affects me like it’s supposed to. I also feel kind of bad that he was wrong about me being too young for old people conditions. Apparently I am not too young to have old people problems…. which reminds me… I’ll be eighteen in less than a month.


(edit: you can only view the gifs if you click on them…)

Favorite Doctor Gadget:

Obviously it’s….. the bow-tie.

I maintain my opinion that bow-ties have magic powers. One of these episodes, the bow-tie is going to save everyone and I will be right.

Seriously, though, the sonic… pretty much because it’s the only consistent gadget… unless you can count the TARDIS as a gadget, which isn’t likely…

I’m almost tempted to look up the word “gadget” in a dictionary, but I’m not going to because I’m lazy.

Though, there is that thingy that the Doctor builds in Fear Her. I want to see that thing in action. It’s my favorite. I’ve just barely changed my mind. That thing is my favorite gadget. SEE HOW SPECIAL I AM, INTERNET?

Favorite Doctor Who Catchphrase:

I like saying “Molto bene”. It makes me feel special, like I know a different language. I like the other catchphrases, but I don’t really ever say any of them. I do say “bow-ties are cool” a lot because my friend Gavin wears bow-ties a lot and because we watch Bill Nye frequently in Chemistry.

I find it extremely interesting that people can identify themselves and others within a fandom by their word choice. It’s never really happened to me because I was already friends with all of the school people who watch Doctor Who when they got into Doctor Who. Mostly when I find out that I have a common interest with someone who I don’t know very well, they mostly say, “Oh, hey, have you ever heard of Doctor Who?” to which I reply that I have and the stuff ensues.

I guess it’s sort of related to how I got my friend Leslie to start saying the word “snood”.

Favorite Quote:

I don’t really have one. I say a lot of quotes. One of my favorites, though, is,” Oh, it’s YOU. You’re my favorite, you are. You know why? Cos’ you’re so THICK. You’re Mr. Thick-Thick-Thickity Thick-Face from Thicktown, Thickania… and so’s your dad”. Mostly it’s my favorite because I say it to my siblings whilst in the presence of my father and he always goes,  “Hey! Meany…” and it makes me laugh…

Favorite Friendship:

Ten and Donna Noble. Nice and platonic. Plenty of shouting. Lots of geeking out. Just the right amount of understanding.

Actually, it has come to my attention that many people do not like Donna. This distresses me because sometimes I feel like Donna, though that may just be me in my head, saying sarcastic things and yelling when people are ridiculous. I wouldn’t say that it’s because I’m not a bold person, but it’s because I’m a passive person most of the time. I’m just really too lazy to be an angry person. I don’t get angry at people very often. It’s too much work.


Favorite Couple:

The Ponds. Goodness knows I will miss the Ponds. I just really like how they’re constantly yelling at one another and calling each other names without being actually angry at each other. Probably due to my stunted emotional growth as a child. I have a hard time saying nice things to people. I mean nice things that are genuinely nice and not just polite. I’m the master of being polite. Like when I think people are totally awesome, the most I can conjure up is to say “You’re my favorite” and nothing else. If I see someone on Facebook posting a status indicating that they are having a bad day/week/month/life, even if I feel really bad for them and wish they weren’t having a terrible life, if I try to comment on their status, I will invariably say something inappropriately sarcastic. I’m not trying to be mean, I just literally cannot make myself say nice things to people.

Over the past through years, I’ve become interested in the romantic relationships that people get themselves into. Mostly because I’ve never understood why people are so dumb about it. The relationship between Rory and Amy is one of my favorite things ever because it’s so evolved from the high school relationships that my classmates are constantly putting themselves through when they would definitely be happier staying out of them. Mostly it’s because Amy and Rory are already settled into the relationship. It’s no longer, “ooh, let’s be super awkward because we love each other, tee hee hee”, but more of a partnership. That whole let’s-be-awkward thing is what makes me hate relationships so much and also makes me fascinated by why they work for as long as they seem to. I can’t stand the awkwardness. I can’t handle it and I will do anything I can to avoid it.

Plus, I just like Amy and Rory as separate characters so much that I don’t really mind it when they’re mushy…. Who am I kidding? The mushy is gross, but I suppose I can tolerate it if they continue to be awesome.

If I am ever to be in a relationship, (in many, many years when I am mature enough for it)(Not that I’m not mature… but I’m not)(I can’t take very many things seriously…) it will have to lack the awkward, it will have to be able to withstand much yelling and calling of names, and it will probably never happen, so I’ll just get a cat.

Least Favorite Actress:

I think we’ve already discussed the problem with Freema Agyeman/Martha Jones and her annoying breathing. She’s probably not a bad actress at all… I just can’t stand her breathing…

It’s the little noises, you know? I suppose this comes from being a musician for several years. For seven years(ish), my ears have been trained to pick out the slightest discrepancy in pitch or rhythm. This is a good thing when everyone around you cares (or at least they should) about pitch and rhythm, such as in Orchestra or Choir (or Band, but I’ve never been in Band, so…). Unfortunately, it is absolutely terrible in situations where people are untrained in music. Church, for example.

The hymns that we sing at the church I go to are all very well arranged, in my opinion. In most of them, the parts all work together and, provided all the sections are strong, singing them can be pretty amazing. However, my church ward (local group, whatever you want to call it) is filled with old ladies (their equally old husbands are all surprisingly good at singing, actually…) who either can’t sing anymore because of their age or have never been able to sing. This is one of the main reasons I try to tune the world out whenever we’re singing a hymn. I can’t stand listening to most everyone singing the melody (badly) and only a few people singing the other parts.

Have you ever listened to people singing with songs on the radio? I mean really listened. Most people get the words very easily, but the pitches… not a chance. It drives me insane. Other noises that drive me insane: squeaky shoes, high pitched sounds, people yelling in high-pitched noises, and people talking or yelling when I’m trying to sleep.

My ears are very sensitive… This is why the breathing bugs me. Just in case anyone was wondering why I make such a big deal out of it…

Favorite Actress:

I really like Catherine Tate. I don’t know what else to say about it. She’s funny and she gets angry. I like it when people get easily angered. In movies/television shows, that is.

Anyway, since I’m boring everyone out of their minds here at this blog, you can now go watch me vlog! Not that I vlog very often, but I don’t really do anything consistently. I’m sporadic, what can I say? http://www.youtube.com/user/EmilyTheApple

I changed the name of my blog again… Exciting, isn’t it?


Least Favorite Actor:

John Borrowman. I just don’t like Jack at all and I’m not really that into Torchwood. Not that I’ve seen any of the other shows or whatnot that he’s acted in, but I just don’t like him all that much.

I’d elaborate more, but I just woke up and I’m all sore. I’ll just go watch more Big Bang Theory. This is what happens when they make me go this long without new Doctor Who, I begin watching The Big Bang Theory. I can even sing the entire theme song thing. Hopefully everyone is correct and the new Doctor Who episode will air a week from tomorrow. I’m hoping to be able to have it on that day instead of wait a week like most Americans have to. Of course, this will also mean that I’ll have everyone I know begging me to let them watch it because they don’t have the resources that I do. I have a lot of power over them in this way… >:)