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Favorite Friendship:

Ten and Donna Noble. Nice and platonic. Plenty of shouting. Lots of geeking out. Just the right amount of understanding.

Actually, it has come to my attention that many people do not like Donna. This distresses me because sometimes I feel like Donna, though that may just be me in my head, saying sarcastic things and yelling when people are ridiculous. I wouldn’t say that it’s because I’m not a bold person, but it’s because I’m a passive person most of the time. I’m just really too lazy to be an angry person. I don’t get angry at people very often. It’s too much work.



I had to take a little hiatus there because I left my laptop at my grandmother’s house for a few days and I don’t have any internet there. It’s been surprisingly nice, despite the distinct lack of internet. Yesterday and this morning we made salsa and ate some of it with crackers.


Character that you like that everyone else hates:

This is literally an impossible question to answer because no matter how many characters there are, there are more fans and every single one of those fans like a combination of characters. Think of it as a gigantic Venn diagram. There is a circle representing all of the characters in all of the Doctor Who episodes and then there is a circle representing all the characters that fans like. The Venn diagram looks like this:

Microsoft Paint skillz

So, statistically, there isn’t any character out there that is solely liked by myself. In fact, I can’t even think of any characters that I like that people I know don’t like. Of course, my friend Matt doesn’t like Donna Noble and she’s my favorite companion. Well, I say that she’s my favorite, but then again, I say that everyone is my favorite. All of my teachers are my favorite teacher, all of my friends are my favorite friend. I have a problem with calling things my favorite. The truth is, I’m far too passive to actually pick favorites. This way it’s just easier…

Though I did just take the time to make Venn diagram in Paint, so I don’t know what that was all about… I’m so glad this is the last week of my summer vacation. I can stop being crazy and start learning things again.

Saddest Episode:

The thing about Doctor Who, Steven Moffat in particular, is that they read your mind, figuring out the worst possible thing you can imagine happening to your favorite characters, and then making it happen. That is the reason why Moffat is so accurately labeled the biggest troll ever. Frankly, his writing style is my favorite thing ever. He has no qualms with taking a beloved character and making them SUFFER. I, myself, try to kill off most of my characters at the end of the story, if not all of them. The world should thank writers like that; if we didn’t get to kill characters in books, then who knows how many real people we would end up killing?

Anyway, the saddest episodes are the one where Rose “dies”, the one where River “dies”, the one where Ten regenerates into Eleven (the one where he “dies”), and all of the ones where Rory “dies”. Also, the one where the doctor has to wipe Donna’s memory (I didn’t want to mention it because she doesn’t “die” and I wanted to keep the pattern up, but it’s very sad…).

Interestingly enough, whenever someone actually dies, it’s like, “Oh, darn, someone actually died… BEAT UP THE BAD ALIENS!!!!!!!” yet the really sad parts are when people “die”. All of the instances when people ambiguously die, but really are becoming inaccessible, such as the examples above, it seems to be so much sadder. Moffat is brilliant like that. To just kill them would be sad, but to have them still technically be alive but unreachable is TRAGIC.

Once I wrote a novel about time travel and after my main character spent all this time trying to fix all of the things that had gone wrong in time under the impression that she would be able to return to her normal life, she finished to find that she would cease to exist and another version of herself would take her place and then she sort of becomes lost in the darkness of space. Of course the scene could have been way more sad than I wrote it because when I think that I’m going to write some deep, emotional scene, I get lazy and write what happened. That’s why I rarely let people read things that I write seriously, because they are usually awful.

Anyway, as long as Moffat is in charge of Doctor Who, everyone is going to be miserable and yet strangely compelled to continue watching. He’s a freaking warlock like that. We’ve been magicked. Good luck with your hopes and dreams.

Least Favorite Season:

Again leaving the Classic Who seasons out of it, my least favorite series is series 3. The Martha series. I have no real problem with Martha Jones (Except for the breathing thing that I’ve already mentioned), it’s just that the entire series is so sad and nothing really good comes out of it. Everyone hates the Doctor in that series except for Jack. Martha, her family, the Master. There is the thing with his “daughter”, but that ends sadly too.

I like the beginning part of a Doctor’s reign because they’re all happy and adventurous, but then stuff happens to them and they get all sad and slightly suicidal. I like it when a Doctor just feels adventurous and crazy and awesome. The Doctor doesn’t feel this way with Martha, so I usually just watch the first episode of the series before it gets all awkward and sad and then I skip right on to the Donna series.

Favorite Season:

I’ve only seen a few of the actual seasons of Classic Who, but out of the New Who series, I really liked series two and four. David Tennant as the Doctor, absolutely fabulous, and both Rose and Donna as companions. Those companions coupled well with the tenth Doctor because they made him happy and they were his friends. The Martha series didn’t work well for me because Martha and the Doctor weren’t really close friends and because the Doctor wasn’t happy at all, though he managed to pull together for the most part.

I’m really enjoying the Eleventh Doctor’s reign, though. The seventh series is set to start airing soon, so I’m pretty excited. The show has gotten super intricate and mysterious and I like it a lot. The fifth series was cool because of the new Doctor thing (Plus Amy is super awesome)(Not to mention Rory who is pleasingly… flail-y) and because of the new direction of the story-line and whatnot.

Even though I really like Eleven, I’m also excited to have a new Doctor, just to see how I’ll react. The transition from Nine to Ten was weird because I had actually seen some of Ten’s episodes before I started watching the episodes in order, so I knew it was coming, but I was still sad because I really like Nine. The transition from Ten to Eleven was downright traumatizing and I hated Eleven for the first episode of his, though it didn’t last very long. I think it would be interesting to get a new Doctor. It’s cool how the television series can thrive by killing off their main character. I do it sometimes in my writing, though I do mostly kill off all the supporting characters just to make my main character miserable.