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Favorite Friendship:

Ten and Donna Noble. Nice and platonic. Plenty of shouting. Lots of geeking out. Just the right amount of understanding.

Actually, it has come to my attention that many people do not like Donna. This distresses me because sometimes I feel like Donna, though that may just be me in my head, saying sarcastic things and yelling when people are ridiculous. I wouldn’t say that it’s because I’m not a bold person, but it’s because I’m a passive person most of the time. I’m just really too lazy to be an angry person. I don’t get angry at people very often. It’s too much work.



Favorite Actor:

I’m assuming that this means favorite actor within Doctor Who, otherwise, I might have to put a little more thought into the question. My favorite actor is probably David Tennant or Matt Smith. I can’t really decide just like I can’t decide who my favorite Doctor is. I don’t really have favorites. I have things or people that I like and things or people that I don’t like and then I just call them all my favorite.

My friends who spend any small amount of time with me can attest to this.

“Such-and-such teacher? He’s my favorite!”

“So-and-so in Orchestra class? She’s my favorite!”

“Crime and Punishment/The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes/Warriors/Pride and Prejudice/Artemis Fowl/books by John Green/Redwall books/The Bartimaeus Trilogy? THAT’S MY FAVORITE BOOK EVVVVERRRRRRRRRRRRR!”

I really am surprised that people don’t get more annoyed with me about this…

Anyway, favorite actor… I pretty much like them all.

Favorite Season:

I’ve only seen a few of the actual seasons of Classic Who, but out of the New Who series, I really liked series two and four. David Tennant as the Doctor, absolutely fabulous, and both Rose and Donna as companions. Those companions coupled well with the tenth Doctor because they made him happy and they were his friends. The Martha series didn’t work well for me because Martha and the Doctor weren’t really close friends and because the Doctor wasn’t happy at all, though he managed to pull together for the most part.

I’m really enjoying the Eleventh Doctor’s reign, though. The seventh series is set to start airing soon, so I’m pretty excited. The show has gotten super intricate and mysterious and I like it a lot. The fifth series was cool because of the new Doctor thing (Plus Amy is super awesome)(Not to mention Rory who is pleasingly… flail-y) and because of the new direction of the story-line and whatnot.

Even though I really like Eleven, I’m also excited to have a new Doctor, just to see how I’ll react. The transition from Nine to Ten was weird because I had actually seen some of Ten’s episodes before I started watching the episodes in order, so I knew it was coming, but I was still sad because I really like Nine. The transition from Ten to Eleven was downright traumatizing and I hated Eleven for the first episode of his, though it didn’t last very long. I think it would be interesting to get a new Doctor. It’s cool how the television series can thrive by killing off their main character. I do it sometimes in my writing, though I do mostly kill off all the supporting characters just to make my main character miserable.

Favorite Special Episode:

The only one I really ever watch is the first Christmas special with David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. I don’t remember if it’s Christmas of 2005 or 2006, but whatever. Of course, I never watch any of the parts where the Doctor isn’t awake, so I pretty much skip through the entire episode to that last part with the Doctor fighting the Sycorax.

I like the 2009 specials, my favorite being Planet of the Dead because of reasons. The Waters of Mars is my least favorite because of the Doctor going crazy in the end and being an idiot. I really did like Voyage of the Damned, but I never watch it because it’s way too sad at the end and during and everything. The episodes directly after the end of a season where the Doctor loses a companion are always super sad, but then the Doctor gets over himself, which is good.

I liked the first Matt Smith Christmas special, though that one was sad as well. The second one was really weird for me because I don’t really like the Narnia Chronicles. I mean, I like the idea of Narnia. It’s a freaking cool place and the back story and whatnot is cool, but I didn’t really enjoy reading the books. I’d find the symbolism more interesting if it weren’t so overwhelming. Anyway, the weird tree people and crown thing just didn’t work for me.

I also like the specials because they’re longer and shows are better if they don’t have to be crammed into a tiny amount of time… Of course episodes can be too long. Just look at Classic Who. There was one with.. the Third Doctor, I believe, and the world was going to be consumed by lava people or something and the Doctor got stuck in a parallel universe that was ahead of his normal one and the other world was consumed but he got back to the other one in time to save everybody (if I weren’t so lazy, I’d go look up the name on Wikipedia). The point is that the story-line extended for like five episodes, so I basically just skipped the middle ones, read a description of the episode online and then watched the last little bit.

In fact, I skipped most of the first two Doctors (I mean the episodes that aren’t missing forever). I watched enough of their episodes to get to know them a little and then I moved on…. Does this make me a horrible person?