Around this time last year, my friend, Leslie, and I decided that for the 2011-2012 school year, we were going to take AP Literature. Having been in a few English classes together previous to this time, we decided we were tired of the ridiculous people in normal English classes and the stupid things that we kept learning year to year. The idea was that we would stop being so bored in English class because AP Literature is supposed to be hard (it’s a college-level class). Anyway, we signed up for it, got our teacher signatures and whatnot.

Fortunately, we have our AP Lit classes during the same period all year, so we won’t go nearly as insane as we could have. The problem with AP Literature is that it’s almost as ridiculously tedious as a normal English class except for that more work is involved and that work is more thorough, but not necessarily more difficult. Our current problem in AP Lit, is that we have been reading Hamlet, which isn’t boring, but the teacher does her best to make it as boring as possible. We have to take notes and such and write about things during the whole thing, so we can’t really enjoy it. 

We started Hamlet about a week and a half before Christmas and we’ve finished it, now, about a month later. During that time that we were supposed to be taking notes and a bunch of other things, Leslie and I have sort of been slacking off (Leslie actually took notes, while I did… nothing). All of the unit stuff we were supposed to do is now due in two days. One month of work that I haven’t done very much of. Granted, I took about an hour and a half a few days ago and wrote down my minimum requirement of notes.

In order to remedy this, Leslie and I are taking advantage of our school-free day tomorrow and having… a BBC Robinhood marathon! The idea is that we finish all of our work while we’re watching. The sad thing isn’t really that we have a months worth of work to get done and it’s not that we’re going to sit in Leslie’s basement all day watching a television show, but that we have planned our time in such a way that we’ll be able to accomplish everything we need to do in one day. Aren’t college classes supposed to be harder than this? We are minimizing the time it is going to take us to do this into 1/30th of what it was supposed to be. We also find it ridiculous that our teacher wouldn’t let us watch the version of Hamlet starring David Tennant. Lame.