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Time Perception

This morning saw the end of Daylight Savings time, meaning we set our clocks back an hour. Naturally, to accustom myself to the change, instead of going to bed at my bedtime, I stayed up an hour. By one in the morning, I was pretty tired, but getting to sleep in all this morning was lovely. Quite lovely.

This evening, I’ve stayed up to my customary midnight, which would normally be one o’clock previous to today. However, it doesn’t feel like one in the morning to me. It feels like midnight. Even though I’ve been going to bed at the same time each night for months, going to bed an hour later feels exactly the same as long as we call it the same.

This is pretty interesting to me, considering I’m obsessed with knowing what time it is. Whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, I roll over to see what time it is. Whenever I’m in class, I have to know what time it is. Whenever I leave to go somewhere, eat food, watch a movie, do my homework… I have to know what time it is. The arbitrary symbols that represent what time it is for me have a profound effect on the way I live my life, on the way society has lived their lives.

I can claim this because I know what it feels like to live without knowing exactly what time it is every second of the day. My family is pretty big into camping. Though our way certainly isn’t the only right way to camp, we consider it the ultimate way to camp. We go four or five times a year to the same two or three spots, like clockwork. When we go, we lock our cellphones in drawers and bags, we don’t wear watches (they just get in the way, in my opinion), and we don’t even think about the outside world for at least four days, maybe more (except when we argue politics around the campfire).

While we’re camping, I go to bed earlier, I wake up earlier, and we don’t eat at regular times. While we’re out there, amongst people that I admire and adore, it seems very timeless to me. I don’t compartmentalize my days or hours, I just do what I feel like doing. I feel free.

Research shows that with the invention of electric lights, people started going to bed and waking up at later times. This is obvious because you could work and do stuff much later into the evening. Your day didn’t depend on how many hours of daylight there were.

Just to sum things up, the perception of time affects the way that life happens and that’s an interesting enough concept to bring me out of hiatus. Speaking of which, I haven’t posted for a while because math homework consistently gets the better of me. I’m getting back into the habit of writing, though, with the start of NaNoWriMo 2013. I’m not writing a novel, but I am blogging and writing articles as well as writing my thoughts down in a very fancy schmansy Word document that no one gets to read EVER.



I Do Not Hate Camping

Despite popular belief amongst my family, I do not hate camping. I am not going camping next week because I have the Orchestra region festival and I’m taking three extremely difficult classes that I don’t want to have to make up work in. So, dearest older brother of mine, PLEASE STOP SPREADING RUMORS TO OUR FAMILY THAT I’M NOT GOING BECAUSE I’VE RANDOMLY DECIDED TO HATE CAMPING. Seriously. Keep it up and I’ll go all caps on you.

Camping is fun except for girls camp (which is fine, by the way. It’s fine that people like it, I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with it… except for that I am). I dislike girls camp because it’s all schedules and curfews and actual bathrooms and a bunch of girls that are fine, I like them, but I’M JUST VERY PARTICULAR ABOUT MY CAMPING, OKAY? I like camping out in the woods where (heaven forbid) you have to find a nice bush or tree when nature calls. I like lazing around all day and not really doing anything unless I have a passing inclination to do something random (such as run up the side of a very steep hill and then throw rocks at things).  I like sitting around with people that I’ve grown up with and make cheesy jokes and laugh at them. I like writing rude things on rocks (seriously, in order to prevent insanity from raging, when we go camping, our family has the “rude rock”, which is basically this huge rock that we’re camping on top of that we write on with other rocks. Whenever we get mad at one of our family members, instead of being grumpy and snappy for the rest of the trip, we just walk over to the rude rock and write something rude [and usually untrue, such as “Emily looks funny”, which is debatable, but… whatever] about the person we are mad at. It may sound really terrible, but it helps relieve pressure and then we all laugh at it and everyone is fine again). I like laying on the ground looking at the stars. I like standing around a campfire with my family until we’re too tired to stand up. I don’t particularly like sleeping in a trailer, but it’s better than a tent.

Another thing about camping, I don’t sleep well, I’m have anxiety related sleep-onset insomnia, so there are only a few places I sleep well at: my house, my grandma’s house… that’s about it. I don’t sleep too badly while we’re camping, but I sleep in the trailer where my parents are also sleeping and we go to the same places every year, so I’m comfortable with it. I’m a wimp when it comes to sleeping, I admit it. I rarely enjoy doing things when I know that I will have to sleep somewhere I’m not used to. Also, I’m deathly afraid of tents. I’m not even joking. Tents do not like me, so girls camp is usually lame. Though, to be fair, there was that one year that we did the whole cabin thing, but that was also very lame.  Also, they made us shower in the middle of the trip and it was very weird and I hated it. We were also not allowed to leave the wood-chip trails and everyone FREAKED OUT if you laid down on the ground. Also, they got us lost on the hike and they drove us down to the bottom of the mountain and then made us hike back up to the top. I don’t mind hiking, but people insisted that we sing and I can’t sing while I’m walking or moving, so it was really hard…

I do not apologize for my rant on camping, though I probably should…