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Favorite Doctor Who Catchphrase:

I like saying “Molto bene”. It makes me feel special, like I know a different language. I like the other catchphrases, but I don’t really ever say any of them. I do say “bow-ties are cool” a lot because my friend Gavin wears bow-ties a lot and because we watch Bill Nye frequently in Chemistry.

I find it extremely interesting that people can identify themselves and others within a fandom by their word choice. It’s never really happened to me because I was already friends with all of the school people who watch Doctor Who when they got into Doctor Who. Mostly when I find out that I have a common interest with someone who I don’t know very well, they mostly say, “Oh, hey, have you ever heard of Doctor Who?” to which I reply that I have and the stuff ensues.

I guess it’s sort of related to how I got my friend Leslie to start saying the word “snood”.


I Give Up

I give up on Blog Every Day in April. Not only because I missed the last four or whatever days, but because I will most likely miss the next however many days are left in April. I’m still not even halfway done with my Script Frenzy screenplay, so I’ll be writing ten pages every day for the next week in order to catch up/finish, plus I won’t get home on Tuesday until after nine o’clock in the evening. I’m riding a bus for many hours to go to the Orchestra Region Festival. If our orchestra doesn’t get to go to state (again), that will make us the only group in our high school’s arts department that didn’t go to state (not to mention probably the only organization at our school)(I swear all the sports teams go to state or take state or whatever it is that sports teams do).

I would like to feel confident, but the I felt confident at the region solos and ensambles festival and our quartet got such a bad score that I’m amazed we didn’t just jump off of a mountain or something.  Our director keeps telling us about orchestra that have dropped out of the regions festival or teachers who told her that their schools are struggling in an attempt to make us feel like we have a chance of going to state, but then we keep hearing that sometimes no one in the region festival qualifies for state, so that’s incredibly encouraging.

Of course, I could be entirely wrong and we could do fantastic, but I don’t really want to get my hopes up. I’m all itchy from encountering everything I am allergic to this weekend and I’m not in the mood to be hopeful. Also, my computer froze up for about an hour earlier, so I unplugged it and carried it around for a while claiming that I was going to put it in time-out, but all I really ended up doing was opening the case and blowing giant clouds of dust up into the air, which I then breathed in (probably due to my massive intelligence) and then complaining that there was no space for more RAM.

In bringing this blog post back to the beginning (a circle… glorious), if my computer refuses to cooperate whilst I am trying to catch up on Script Frenzy, then I likely won’t catch up and that will be really embarrassing because I’ve never failed Script Frenzy before (never in all of the one time that I did it). Of course, I’ve failed NaNoWriMo several times, so that’s not really a big deal. The next time I do NaNoWriMo, though, I’m not telling anyone that I am doing it so that it will be less pitiful when I do fail. Then again, maybe I’ll write something fabulous and everyone will be wildly jealous of my incredible skill and beauty.

Gosh, this blog post reminds me of my A to Z portfolio project thing that I had to do for US History. Toward the middle of the alphabet when I had to write my miniature reports on M and N and so forth, I got really tired of writing reports and I got a little bit sarcastic (who am I kidding? I got a lot sarcastic). It wasn’t anything to lose me points, but I started saying things like, “And then so-and-so decided to go and start this organization because, apparently, he was really smart and the public was absolutely thrilled with him, being the mindless sheep that they were. Then he went to jail because he was a moron and decided to break the law. It served him right”. As you can see, I’m kind of great at making things up, but our US History teacher is just a student-teacher still going to college and he wears a bowtie every Friday, so I can’t imagine that my AMAZING writing skills will go unappreciated, though he absolutely does NOT think that my red-hair jokes are funny. He hates his red hair, which is understandable because sometimes he looks sort of like a clown, but really, he should just start dressing like an Irish-man and get over it.

There are times (such as now) when I think that I should really stop aspiring to be a writer so as to avoid inflicting so much boredom on my readers, but I really cannot help it… I am sorry.

General Conference

Yesterday, Saturday March 31, I went on a date with my friend, Gavin and a few of our friends, to the second session of the LDS General Conference. Mostly this date consisted of us driving while listening to choral music (because we’re awesome), making cheesy jokes, running down six flights of stairs because we parked on the sixth floor of a parking garage thing, walking four or five-ish blocks through throngs of singing people and swirling blossoms from trees because it was a little windy, making cheesy jokes, standing in lines, avoiding cameras, obsessing over bowties, going to our conference session, coming back out, joining a group of people singing just for fun, sitting by some water while singing some more and splashing one another, making cheesy jokes, laughing at the chessy jokes we were making, walking around the City Creek Mall, going up and down escalators, running back up six flights of stairs, driving to Bountiful, eating food, making cheesy jokes, eating ice cream, driving home while listening to Disney music and other musics, making more cheesy jokes, and almost dying in a fiery explosion of a car crash on our way to my house. I was going to elaborate a little more, but I don’t really feel like it, so there you go.