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On the Defensive

Now that being a nerd or a geek is apparently the cool thing, I’d like to address something. Understandably, nerds can sometime become very… passionate about what they like. Television shows, movies, books, or video games can send a nerd into a frenzy. By definition, they’re very excited and get attached to things. This isn’t bad… until things get ugly.

Centuries of jocks picking on nerds have done their worst, making nerds feel like they’re always under attack. When you mention that you don’t like a specific media item, fans of that thing can become pretty aggressive. Instead of being understanding as to why a person wasn’t impressed by the first series of Doctor Who, they instantly assume that the person isn’t trying hard enough, hasn’t given it a chance, or isn’t watching it in the right order for people new to Doctor Who.

To be fair, sometimes the fans are correct, but you know what they say about assumers.

My point is that some people can become offended or hurt when a nerd goes on the defensive. There are shows and things that I don’t particularly like and I’ve been attacked for it. I know that my fellow nerds get really excited and want to be supportive of their point of view, but raising your voice and proclaiming the things that everyone should like about their show or book is not the way to go. Maybe let the person explain what they don’t like about the show and then accept it. It isn’t your job to convert them to your fandom. If they don’t like it, let it go and talk about something else. You’ll probably be okay offering to enjoy the media together so that it will be more fun, but if they reject the offer, don’t push them.

I think people forget to be courteous when they think their opinions are on trial. Just because someone doesn’t like something that you like doesn’t mean that they have a hole that needs to be filled. Everyone is different.



You never know exactly how someone feels about something until they have to go through great hardship for it.

I say great hardship, but maybe I’m exaggerating. Maybe I’m not exaggerating. Yeah, I’m not exaggerating. Hard, easy, these things are relative. RELATIVE.

Okay, story time. This morning, I woke up an hour early to go to a book sale on campus. Yeah, I know, I gave up my precious sleep. That’s okay I got it back later… unfortunately. ┬áIt was… kind of a haul. The problem was that I didn’t have cash on me and the only way for me to get cash was to drive to somewhere and buy something and get cash back.

Something you’ve got to understand about this campus is that it is literally on the side of a mountain. The parkinglot where my car makes itself at home is up at the top of campus while the book sale was nearly at the bottom. I could have walked away right then. I certainly don’t need any more books than I have right now, but I walked back up to the top of the hill, got in my car, found myself the nearest 7-11 and got myself a Slurpee and ten bucks. I drove back to campus and walked back down the hill.

After buying myself some books, I went to math class, because I do that. After math class, I had a bag of books and nowhere to put them, so I walked back up to my car and put them up there. Being exhausted, I took a short nap… that lasted until the end of my chemistry class.

Even after I got home, I still had to figure out how to fit five new books onto an already overfilled bookshelf.

It certainly looks pretty, though.

I_Am_Number_Four_CoverThis book series was recommended to me by my chiropractor, believe it or not. Every healthcare professional I talk to connects with me through reading for some reason…

Anyway, I just finished the fourth book of the series, The Fall of Five, and I’m REALLY ANGRY, that I have to wait to get more of the story. I seriously haven’t had to wait for the next book in a series to come out since Harry Potter… and Eragon, but I kind of gave up waiting with Eragon. It’s an old feeling, but I love feeling it again. I’ve been a little dry with reading lately, but this series threw me headlong into the frenzy again.

It’s thrilling and fast-paced, though it doesn’t seem like it for the first book and a half or so. There’s mystery and intrigue and STUFF. I nearly (well I say nearly…) flipped out in my chemistry class today when I reached the end of it. I was seriously put out. I’ll be going back to the Redwall series now, but I won’t soon forget this series. It’s great and I highly recommend it to PEOPLE.


Favorite Actor:

I’m assuming that this means favorite actor within Doctor Who, otherwise, I might have to put a little more thought into the question. My favorite actor is probably David Tennant or Matt Smith. I can’t really decide just like I can’t decide who my favorite Doctor is. I don’t really have favorites. I have things or people that I like and things or people that I don’t like and then I just call them all my favorite.

My friends who spend any small amount of time with me can attest to this.

“Such-and-such teacher? He’s my favorite!”

“So-and-so in Orchestra class? She’s my favorite!”

“Crime and Punishment/The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes/Warriors/Pride and Prejudice/Artemis Fowl/books by John Green/Redwall books/The Bartimaeus Trilogy? THAT’S MY FAVORITE BOOK EVVVVERRRRRRRRRRRRR!”

I really am surprised that people don’t get more annoyed with me about this…

Anyway, favorite actor… I pretty much like them all.

I Blame Books

I missed yesterday in blogging because I was reading and I forgot. I’m not sure how I managed to miss about four hours of my day, but fortunately, I finished my Chemistry homework first, so there wasn’t really a problem. In all honesty, I probably won’t blog much for the rest of the week either. My family is going camping and seeing as I would be pleased not to fail school, I am staying home. Technically, I am staying at my friend’s house and it’s going to be crazy. I usually get more homework done when I’m at her house, but we also have way too much fun. Also, her cat likes sitting on me, so I have cat hair all over me when I leave, which would usually be fine, but I’m allergic to cats. I’m allergic to dogs too and this one time, her dog licked me on the arm for no apparent reason and there was a red, puffy mark there for several hours. I digress.

I did finish the book I was reading yesterday. The embarrassing thing is that when I got home from school, I’d been reading that book for a week and a half and I was only halfway finished with it, yet four hours later, I was done. I even finished our AP Literature required reading for the night and went to bed early-ish. Books are like vacuum cleaners.