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I_Am_Number_Four_CoverThis book series was recommended to me by my chiropractor, believe it or not. Every healthcare professional I talk to connects with me through reading for some reason…

Anyway, I just finished the fourth book of the series, The Fall of Five, and I’m REALLY ANGRY, that I have to wait to get more of the story. I seriously haven’t had to wait for the next book in a series to come out since Harry Potter… and Eragon, but I kind of gave up waiting with Eragon. It’s an old feeling, but I love feeling it again. I’ve been a little dry with reading lately, but this series threw me headlong into the frenzy again.

It’s thrilling and fast-paced, though it doesn’t seem like it for the first book and a half or so. There’s mystery and intrigue and STUFF. I nearly (well I say nearly…) flipped out in my chemistry class today when I reached the end of it. I was seriously put out. I’ll be going back to the Redwall series now, but I won’t soon forget this series. It’s great and I highly recommend it to PEOPLE.



If you’ve never heard of this website, it’s a dating website. In order to join this website, you have to be voted in. Pretty much, you make a dating profile and then people look at it and go “holy crap, she’s ugly. I don’t like her.” After 48 hours, you’re either in or out.

As far as that, I know nothing. I was voted out. Despite being officially ugly, I feel like this system is a really great way to date online. Instead of months and months of rejection after rejection and no response, you only have to wait two days and then you know whether or not you had a chance in the first place. Yeah, it’s (supposedly) disappointing when you don’t get in, but you only have to be disappointed once and then you can go get a life.

As most people can tell you, I’m pretty fascinated by online dating. I met my boss on a dating website and I now get paid a lot to do something I love WHENEVER I WANT. Yeah, that’s right. I have the most flexible job you can have. [Apparently it’s worth mentioning that I work as a website administrator and content manager, not… something else. :P] Other than that, I’ve met a few people that are really interesting and people that are not so interesting. I’ve learned a lot about people and the way they portray themselves through different mediums. I’ve also learned a lot about my own personal preferences when it comes to dudes.

Online dating isn’t for everyone, but I do think that everyone (old enough) should go ahead and try it it, keeping in mind that they shouldn’t be too disappointed. Think of it as this funny, goofy thing that you’re doing and just relax. I’m a pretty relaxed person on there and I get so much attention on there that I have to stay off it for a while so that I don’t get overwhelmed.

The problem is that people get so uptight about dating that they forget that meeting new people and having fun are the main goals. Those people who are desperately seeking a girlfriend or boyfriend and want to get married and have a hundred babies are kind of scary, to be honest. Let things happen of their own accord.

And remember, you can still have a fulfilling life if you’re ugly like me. ;)


Time Perception

This morning saw the end of Daylight Savings time, meaning we set our clocks back an hour. Naturally, to accustom myself to the change, instead of going to bed at my bedtime, I stayed up an hour. By one in the morning, I was pretty tired, but getting to sleep in all this morning was lovely. Quite lovely.

This evening, I’ve stayed up to my customary midnight, which would normally be one o’clock previous to today. However, it doesn’t feel like one in the morning to me. It feels like midnight. Even though I’ve been going to bed at the same time each night for months, going to bed an hour later feels exactly the same as long as we call it the same.

This is pretty interesting to me, considering I’m obsessed with knowing what time it is. Whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, I roll over to see what time it is. Whenever I’m in class, I have to know what time it is. Whenever I leave to go somewhere, eat food, watch a movie, do my homework… I have to know what time it is. The arbitrary symbols that represent what time it is for me have a profound effect on the way I live my life, on the way society has lived their lives.

I can claim this because I know what it feels like to live without knowing exactly what time it is every second of the day. My family is pretty big into camping. Though our way certainly isn’t the only right way to camp, we consider it the ultimate way to camp. We go four or five times a year to the same two or three spots, like clockwork. When we go, we lock our cellphones in drawers and bags, we don’t wear watches (they just get in the way, in my opinion), and we don’t even think about the outside world for at least four days, maybe more (except when we argue politics around the campfire).

While we’re camping, I go to bed earlier, I wake up earlier, and we don’t eat at regular times. While we’re out there, amongst people that I admire and adore, it seems very timeless to me. I don’t compartmentalize my days or hours, I just do what I feel like doing. I feel free.

Research shows that with the invention of electric lights, people started going to bed and waking up at later times. This is obvious because you could work and do stuff much later into the evening. Your day didn’t depend on how many hours of daylight there were.

Just to sum things up, the perception of time affects the way that life happens and that’s an interesting enough concept to bring me out of hiatus. Speaking of which, I haven’t posted for a while because math homework consistently gets the better of me. I’m getting back into the habit of writing, though, with the start of NaNoWriMo 2013. I’m not writing a novel, but I am blogging and writing articles as well as writing my thoughts down in a very fancy schmansy Word document that no one gets to read EVER.


Do It For Yourself

Everyone hears this every once in a while. Heck, I’ve given this advice myself before. Usually it’s given when someone wants or needs to change something; about themselves or their life. I believe in making changes for yourself, of course, but there are a thousand more things you do every day for yourself besides.

When it comes to motivation, there isn’t anything a lot more motivating than selfishness. When you’re heading to lunch and you know there’s going to be a huge line, nothing is motivating you more than your selfish need to eat food sooner rather than later. And don’t go arguing that it’s a matter of survival, because you aren’t going to starve if one person gets their food before you do. Traffic doesn’t bother people because it means that everyone has to stay on the road a little longer than expected, it’s because the individual believes that he or she has the right to have things go the way expected.

Unfortunately, I’ve always been the backwards child. I was sitting in my Chemistry 1210 class of a hundred people this morning, listening to my group talk about the assignment when I realized that they don’t think I’m very good at chemistry. I’ve gotten so used to being in classes with people who automatically think I’m smart that I didn’t really know how to react to this.

My motivation in school has always been selfish, of course. I like it when people think I’m naturally smart and good at everything; I especially like it when my teachers think I’m competent. I liked it that I got better grades than all my siblings while I was in high school. This motivation was easily put to work in AP Chemistry last year because there were only four of us and I had a lot more individual attention. Even though I was, by far, the least competent kid in the class, I had a reputation of persistence and hard work that I couldn’t let slip. This selfishness was easily kept in check because there was ample opportunity for me to feed the beast.

Now, however, there are a hundred students in my Chemistry class and I have almost no individual attention. I have no reputation to uphold and, as I discovered this morning, I lack my main source motivation. I don’t have anyone to impress. Thus, I am left with the old “do it for yourself.”

Now, not all of my motivation is recognition. I’m a very curious person. I love to learn and enjoy doing so on my own without recognition. I’ve just never had to use it as my primary source of motivation. I’m not sure if I have enough natural curiosity and general nerdiness to sustain me through college. I definitely won’t be motivated by a desire to better my future. For some reason, the future has never really interested me. I mean, I have a four year plan type thing for college and a general idea of what I’m going to do, but I figure I don’t care whether it works out that way or not.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you should do productive, good things for whatever reason you can find, selfish or not, and if you’re going to do it for yourself, make sure you’re worth it or else you’ll never make it.

AP Chemistry Score

I’m not sure I talked about this already… which is funny because I spent a whole school year obsessing over it.

I got a 3. Not spectacular, but it’s a pass.

It’s funny because I totally flipped out for this test and when I saw my score, I barely remembered to Facebook message my little sister so she could tell my mom.

We did do a little text-circle thing with the other kids who were in my AP Chemistry class along with my teacher. Not all of us had each others numbers, so we did a lot of texting to figure everything out. It was really nice to talk to my peeps again and we all ended up passing the test, which is impressive for the half of us who might not have made it.

Two weeks from now (or something like that) I’m starting my degree in Chemistry… I’ve been given a summer to think about it and I’m not backing out, but I am beginning to lose my confidence… hopefully I’ll actually be good at it, though… somewhat.

The Classic Crappy Job

Do you have a crappy job? Do you get paid barely above minimum wage? Do you dread waking up every morning because you have to go to work?

Well, from what I’ve learned, so does pretty much everyone else.

This summer, I’ve been working my first ever (non-freelance) job. It’s been interesting for me on a couple of levels. The first level was that I got to people watch CONSTANTLY. I couldn’t really pay attention to my people-watching all that hard core, I had a job to do, but it still showed me a lot about who people are. I also got to see the behind the scenes element of a corporation. I didn’t get to see a lot of it, but I did get to see enough to infer a lot.

The second level was being able to understand other people more. I’ve always responded to people complaining about their jobs with the reminder that at least they had a job and were getting paid for it. I thought that this was the only thing that mattered when it came to jobs that weren’t intended to be careers.

I will never say anything of the sort to people ever again. I finally understand what it was like for my classmates who hated going to school every day. Having a crappy job can bury you deep in the dark and barely let you up for air a few times.

The last reason this crappy job was enlightening for me was that it finally taught me something about myself. I’ve always told people that I would do pretty much anything for money (within reason), including marry any rich dude I happened to come across. I’ve always been determined to be financially comfortable and thought I wouldn’t ever be happy until I got my money thing sorted out for life. I now realize that money isn’t actually all that important to me. Of course I want to be in a place where finances won’t give me any unnecessary anxiety (I’ve got enough of that), but marrying someone rich for their money isn’t really my goal any more. I want to marry someone rich for their intelligence and sense of responsibility.

Fortunately, I have no qualms about quitting something that doesn’t make me happy, giving up incredible gains. I have one shift left at this crappy job and then I’m going to try my hand at freelancing for a living at least until my education actually starts to count for something.


I’ve been tweeting about my job a lot recently (mostly because that’s all there is to do when I’m on break) and I was reading back through the tweets and remembering how I was feeling when I tweeted them. I’m not going to lie, though my tweets are supposed to be sarcastic, I was feeling pretty horrible at the time of each and every one of them.

I hate being the person who hates her job, but I’m just not used to the environment. The biggest difference is that people rarely forgive you if you make a mistake and even if you don’t make one, if something goes wrong, they’re all too willing to blame you. They’ve really taken that whole “the customer is always right” crap to heart. If you even try to suggest that they actually have no idea what they’re talking about, they either yell or start talking to you like you’re five years old.

I know what it must look like to them, though. I’m by far the youngest employee there and most of them are adults who are used to having everything their way. Then, I start to tell them that I’ve been told that things work a certain way and it must look like a misinformed little kid trying to tell them something different than what they know to be right.

The problem is that it isn’t okay. It’s okay that they have their own opinions and that they’re a little put out when they find out that their opinions may not be… right. It isn’t okay that they get to put down a person who can’t defend herself. I’m not allowed to tell a customer that it isn’t my fault, because that would be blame-shifting, which is frowned upon. They stand there and make me feel like I’m an absolute idiot and then expect me to cater to their every wish because that’s the real lesson we’re teaching our children; it isn’t kindness and understanding that’s going to get you favors in this world, it’s just being angry enough that people will do what you want through sheer intimidation.

It makes me absolutely sick that people get what they want by whining and being loud. I see moms come through my line every day who spank their kids and tell them off when they start crying because they want something and then they turn around and complain and gripe until everything happens their way. I’ve heard that my generation is the generation of entitlement, but teenagers and young people are among the most polite and considerate people who come through my line. It’s the adults that I see acting like everything should be served to them on a silver platter.

Not all adults do this, but the people who do are always adults.

I don’t want to turn this into Emily talking about how disgusted people make her, so I’ll just wrap this up.

Be polite to people. All of them. All of the people. Just because something doesn’t go your way or because your 50 cents off coupon doesn’t work, you don’t have to freak out. Figure out what really matters to you and if it’s bread that’s 30 cents cheaper, then you need some serious self-reflection time. Remember, you may have the right to getting things that you’re promised, but you don’t have the right to make the middle man (girl) feel like she isn’t good at anything just because you’re put out.


Knowledge is Power

Or it at least leads to advantages.

Today, my work shift seemed to last longer than usually, simply because it’s a Sunday and no one goes to Walmart on Sunday (except for ten minutes before my shift ends at 10pm… and then everyone panics). Only a few hours in, I was moved across the front end to step in for someone who was just about to end her shift (which I didn’t end up doing, but that’s not the point). This lady was doing price matches for one of the customers, which you have to type in manually and they take forever, especially if there are a lot of the same items, which there was, in this case. The lady had just finished typing in all the numbers when one of the managers came over and told her that the price and yet another store was lower than the price at Walmart AND the price they’d already been matched to. Of course I felt terrible for this lady, but she’s new and I was feeling good about not being the new girl any more.

A little later, I was doing price matches for another customer and she came to an item and wanted me to type the price in for twenty of the items at just a penny less than the price at Walmart. Fortunately for her, I knew that other people had been price matching it at much lower. If I was going to have to type them all in, I wasn’t going to do it for a penny. Needless to say, the lady was very pleased that I knew this.

Throughout the rest of the day, I couldn’t help but notice that people were just buying items at the Walmart price when I knew there was a lower price somewhere else. I wasn’t going to tell them that, though. I can barely stand to speak to them when I have to, but I thought that it was interesting that they had the ability to price match if they wanted to, but they didn’t care enough to do a little work to find out the lower prices.

These people who price match everything may be annoying and they may look really stupid to people who don’t care about what things cost, but this knowledge they have gives them an advantage. Maybe not so much an advantage as it rewards them. They’re buying their thousand grocery items for less than other people.

The same can be said about scholarly people. They may seem really weird and stupid to people who don’t care, but they’re being rewarded in ways that people who don’t care about learning things aren’t even aware of. Of course, most people without knowledge don’t even notice that they’re living at higher cost than others. They’re perfectly happy. They don’t want to do the extra work that it takes to gain knowledge and that’s fine. I’d rather people not price match every single one of their items. It sucks for me, but it most definitely doesn’t suck for them.

So, learn stuff.

In other news, some of my coworkers have started greeting me by name… This is a problem because I don’t know their names and now I’m going to have to learn them. I don’t even know most of the names of my managers. I know two of the costumer service managers… plus the shift manager and the zone manager. That’s it.


Working as a cashier at Walmart doesn’t really give me a lot of satisfaction, but it does give me a lot of time to think. One thing I think a lot about is the value that people place on objects.

Story time. Today, a lady came through my line with a hundred grocery items and about thirty coupons. After probably forty dollars worth of savings, I reached the final two coupons. This is an extraordinary feat because, for some reason, there’s a huge lag after you scan the coupon before the reduction is applied. Unfortunately, for some reason, these coupons would not apply to the items purchased. Sometimes this happens because people don’t realize that they actually have to buy two or three of the item or something like that. Anyway, for whatever reason, these two coupons didn’t work. So, I handed the coupons back to the lady and explained what was going down. In the end, she gave back those objects because she wasn’t able to save three dollars for those items… items that were only three or four dollars in the first place.

I see this a lot and I guess it makes sense if you think of things in terms of percentages, but is two or three dollars really going to change your financial standing? I understand if you’re paying a dollar more for a hundred items, but it never is more than, like, three. I know the economy is “bad”, but is it really that bad? Maybe I’m the wrong person to talk to about numbers (there’s no maybe about it). When I see a number that’s over, like, ten I’m kind of lost as to what it means. Let me explain.

My whole life I’ve been hearing adults complain about gas prices. Yeah, it kind of sucks to have to pay $40 to fill up my car, but to be honest, I don’t see the money, I just see before and after numbers on my bank statement. That’s the basis for one of the biggest arguments against using debit and credit cards, checks, and whatnot. When I see that the gas price is, say, $3.39, I don’t think anything positive or negative about it. I see a number that really means nothing to me.

This is one of the biggest reasons that I struggled in high school math so much. I could never make the connection in my head as to what the heck was going on. Adding and subtracting was fine, multiplication, fractions, anything that could be taught using pencils or pie or something I could see was fine. Algebra makes sense to me because…. I don’t really know why, but it does. Calculus meant nothing to me (pre-calc, I should say). The other problem with me and math was that I didn’t care and when you don’t care about something, your success in it… declines.

To be honest, I’m not really sure I’ll do well in Chemistry. I’m just sort of taking a bit of a plunge by going into it. I can’t memorize a lot of the equations and I don’t really do well with measurements either (just a bunch more meaningless numbers). The one thing that I’ve got going for me when it comes to science is my ability to visualize. My AP Chem teacher could draw a picture on the board and take us into the lab and show us something and as soon as I understood what was moving and where things were, I could understand the concept. After that, it was just a matter of knowing what to plug in where and I could do the math part as well. There was some of the theory that I struggled with because you had to judge things based on how big or small they were.

There were a lot of times where I wouldn’t understand how to begin a problem and one of the other (brilliant) kids in the class would be like, “Oh, I get it. You have to start by assuming this because such and such number is REALLY small.” It would usually make sense to me after that, but it took a lot of studying for me to be able to assume things by the set of numbers we were given.

Maybe two or three dollars actually do matter that much, in the long run. I’m a really unstructured person when it comes to important (non-quark specific to me) things, so this may be a problem, but people could at least chill the crap out at grocery stores. You know what my mom does when shoes that are supposed to be $11, ring up to be $17? She does nothing. She just lets it slide.

To be fair, I always buy shoes that are $10 and my little brother and sister buy shoes that are three times that expensive, so either way, I’m still the least expensive child she as, but seriously. She doesn’t flip out over $6. She doesn’t watch the list of items as the cashier scans them to make sure that they’re exactly the same price she wants them to be. She doesn’t come through the line and ad-match EVERY ITEM IN HER CART. Of course, my dad does have a pretty sophisticated budgeting system that accounts for how much my mom spends when she’s shopping and it isn’t like we’re poor or anything.

The point is, please chill out when you go through my line and stop yelling at me when you aren’t pleased, because I will just smile and call my manger over to tell you the same thing I tried to say in the first place. Then, I will be in a horrible mood for the rest of the day and I won’t be able to enjoy my lunch because the seething mass of nausea in my stomach won’t let me eat anything at all.

Now, an amusing tale for those of you who read all the way through. So, I have my badge hooked to a lanyard that I wear around my neck. Hooked onto the lanyard just above my badge is a black pen that I was told to have with me at all times. So, I started my shift, just puttering along gloomily. I looked down about fifteen minutes later to discover that my clicky, black pen was clicked and I’d been writing little, black lines all over my forearms. Three hours later when I got my first break, there were a ton of people in the bathroom, so I just didn’t wash it off because I don’t like public bathrooms when they’re empty, let alone full.

Also, I think I’m mildly allergic to scented soap, because it irritates that crap out of my hands when I use it. So, when I go into a public bathroom and there’s no one there, I just wash my hands with hot water and a lot of friction (which is apparently the most important part of washing your hands anyway, so…), no soap. When there are people in there, I force myself to use the soap because I don’t want to get weird looks. So, I sure as heck wasn’t going to wash my arms with the soap and have them itching all day.

Also hand sanitizer. They have bottles of it at each cash register and I use it sometimes because people bring leaky bags of raw chicken to me all the time and after my hands get nice and soaked in it, I don’t want to get salmonella poisoning, so I use the hand sanitizer. They dry out and itch like none other after that. I should take lotion or something, but I don’t like the way lotion feels afterwards and it always smells weird, even when you have unscented stuff…

Crazy guy first.

I’ll be the first one to admit that this morning I was in a pretty black mood. A week and a half ago, I requested half a day off from work because I had a physical therapy appointment out of town at 9:30 am and was scheduled for work at 10:30 am. Unfortunately, the request was never processed, so I had to wake up at 8 after only 6 hours of sleep, drive thirty minutes away (without breakfast, mind you) for my appointment and then try to make a twenty minuted drive to work in ten minutes.

So, I was fifteen or twenty minutes late for work today and I yawned about a thousand times. Most of the people I normally work with have Wednesdays and Thursdays off, but I had taken yesterday off for another doctor’s appointment (that was rescheduled…. grrr), so I wasn’t working with any of my normal homies. Plus, people were being pretty unresponsive to my jokes, so… bad day. At lunch, I found two separate hairs in my salad, so I was feeling pretty nauseated.

Fortunately, about half an hour after I finished my lunch break, a guy came through my line who talked just about as fast as the major general off of Pirates of Penzance.

We had a brief conversation during which I just handed him his groceries and he bagged them the way he wanted them to be bagged. He then typed his debit card info into the swipe-y thing very dramatically and yelled a thanks over his shoulder at me as he rode his shopping cart like a scooter away into the crowd of people.

I swear, this guy was, like, forty-five with a mustache. Anyway, it put me in a pretty good mood for the rest of the day.

As for multitasking women, something a lot of people say is that women are actually capable of thinking about two different things at the same time whereas guys aren’t. I’m not sure to what extent this is true, but it has been connected with something I blogged about last week.

So, I was having an argument about religion with a dude on a dating website (I still can’t get over that a guy picked a fight with me on a dating website… like, why are you on there? I’m the least romantic person ever, but I don’t pick fights with people because I disagree with them….).

According to this guy, I needed to hand in my intelligence claim because I am religious. I DEFINITELY can’t be intelligent if I conform to an actual religious sect. SERIOUSLY. Who am I to make such OUTRAGEOUS claims?

I was almost tempted to be offended, but I just find the idea so hilarious. I just bet that this sort of thinking happens between other types of people, not just religious people versus nonreligious people. I’m talking elephants versus donkeys, etc.

Sometimes I see people on television who are science majors in college make fun of the humanities and say “she can’t be smart, she’s an English major.”

Anyway, someone I know from high school (female) was a little bit angry that I didn’t engage in the argument. She believes I could have told the guy off in some lasting way. She said that I could tell the guy off because he’s a guy.

To further her gender-based argument, she made a statement that I very nicely paraphrased, “It’s possible for me to be religious AND smart because I’m a girl and we can MULTITASK.”

I find this even more funny than the thought that I can’t be intelligent and believe in a higher power. This guy was arguing that “radical religious activity and belief” was responsible for the holocaust and 9/11. This is true, but the guy took it so far as to say that if we didn’t eradicate ALL religious notions and belief, then everyone was bound to become just as radical.

This, of course, is also ridiculous. The guy is saying that all religious people are inherently evil, never mind all the charity work that countless religious communities participate in with great cost to themselves… That’s not the point. The point is that my friend reminded me that those horrible things mentioned above were all instigated by men. Of course men think that intelligence and religious affiliation can’t coexist, they can’t entertain two ideas at once. Only a woman can be truly intelligent and religious at the same time.

Now, I don’t believe this. Not one bit. It was meant as a joke and I still find it funny. So should you, dear reader. The most brilliant men I’ve ever known were my religion teachers in high school… or else they were religious men all the same.

The two can coexist. I believe it wholeheartedly. I really hope that people don’t take religious prejudice so far as to think that anyone with a particular set of religious views is stupid. I have so many intelligent friends who have opposite beliefs to mine. I love them to death and I still think they’re smarter than I am.

I just wanted to say this again. I’ve blogged a lot about equality and acceptance. People need to say this more often. They need to hear it too. Those crazy old people who hate everyone based on differences that shouldn’t matter; I don’t want to say that they’re wrong, but they are.

It’s okay for them to hate actions and the things people do, but they should never keep digging to hate the beliefs that may have spurred on the action.

I really hate that Hitler hated so many people because they weren’t the same as he was. I don’t, however, hate that he believed in God very strongly. It may have been that belief that made him do the stuff he did, but that belief is not inherently bad.

I know that people are going to start hating on me for saying that, but think about it. If Hitler had been super lazy and not done all the stuff, no one would hate him so badly, no matter what he believed.

Hating what people believe in is stupid and pointless. It isn’t hurting you in any way shape or form. What does affect you is the actions of the person. Hate the actions.

I hate that this dude on the internet confronted me about my religion and said some VERY unkind things about me personally, everyone I associate with, and everyone that has beliefs remotely related to mine. I hate that he threw insults at me and tried to put a limit on my potential because of what I believe.

I don’t hate that he believes those things. I have best friends who believe some of the same things. They don’t believe in God or a god. They don’t believe in universal morals or consequences, as I do. I know a SUPER nice guy who doesn’t believe in organized religion.

None of that stuff matters to our friendships. It doesn’t physically or emotionally pain me that these guys don’t believe the things I do. The key is that they are nice to me. They’re polite, they don’t step on my beliefs, they don’t push their own beliefs at me and tell me that I have to accept them or else I’m not smart. I like being friends with them and I like that they are decent people.

I don’t want to say that what you believe doesn’t make you who you are, because it does. I’m just saying that what you believe doesn’t dictate (see what I did there?) how you affect people or what you do. You decide that on your own and what you choose to do is a HUGE part of who you are.

Stop judging people on what they believe. I’m not saying you can judge them by what they do either. Don’t judge people. Try to understand where they’re coming from. Sometimes their actions are connected to what they believe. Be careful to realize when this is the case. Try to understand where they’re coming from and forgive them if they aren’t perfect people. People aren’t jerks because of their religion, political views, profession, or interests. They’re jerks because they choose to be.

Choose NOT to be a jerk. Choose to affect people positively. Choose not to judge people by what they believe. Choose to understand. Choose to find the notion of the way people see each other and the world as humorous without judging them.

It’s your choice. No one else’s.