I’m one of those annoying, aimless bloggers that give blogging a bad name. The difference between me and them is that I have at some decent grammar skills.

Fortunately, I don’t blog regularly, so it’s less painful for everyone.

I’m a kind of English enthusiast who’s testing the waters of science and criminology (for now) and also enjoys knitting when homework is not an obstacle. I join dating websites because it’s funny, I laugh when people die on television, and I maintain an unhealthy inner dialogue.

Now, if I could just find the stack of sticky notes I wrote all my ideas for blog posts down on, I could actually do something with my life.

Want to know a lot more about me than you ever wanted to under the theme of anxiety and depression? Well you can. Disclaimer: there is little in the way of humor and sarcasm out that way, so enter at your own risk.