You never know exactly how someone feels about something until they have to go through great hardship for it.

I say great hardship, but maybe I’m exaggerating. Maybe I’m not exaggerating. Yeah, I’m not exaggerating. Hard, easy, these things are relative. RELATIVE.

Okay, story time. This morning, I woke up an hour early to go to a book sale on campus. Yeah, I know, I gave up my precious sleep. That’s okay I got it back later… unfortunately.  It was… kind of a haul. The problem was that I didn’t have cash on me and the only way for me to get cash was to drive to somewhere and buy something and get cash back.

Something you’ve got to understand about this campus is that it is literally on the side of a mountain. The parkinglot where my car makes itself at home is up at the top of campus while the book sale was nearly at the bottom. I could have walked away right then. I certainly don’t need any more books than I have right now, but I walked back up to the top of the hill, got in my car, found myself the nearest 7-11 and got myself a Slurpee and ten bucks. I drove back to campus and walked back down the hill.

After buying myself some books, I went to math class, because I do that. After math class, I had a bag of books and nowhere to put them, so I walked back up to my car and put them up there. Being exhausted, I took a short nap… that lasted until the end of my chemistry class.

Even after I got home, I still had to figure out how to fit five new books onto an already overfilled bookshelf.

It certainly looks pretty, though.