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AP Chemistry Score

I’m not sure I talked about this already… which is funny because I spent a whole school year obsessing over it.

I got a 3. Not spectacular, but it’s a pass.

It’s funny because I totally flipped out for this test and when I saw my score, I barely remembered to Facebook message my little sister so she could tell my mom.

We did do a little text-circle thing with the other kids who were in my AP Chemistry class along with my teacher. Not all of us had each others numbers, so we did a lot of texting to figure everything out. It was really nice to talk to my peeps again and we all ended up passing the test, which is impressive for the half of us who might not have made it.

Two weeks from now (or something like that) I’m starting my degree in Chemistry… I’ve been given a summer to think about it and I’m not backing out, but I am beginning to lose my confidence… hopefully I’ll actually be good at it, though… somewhat.


The Classic Crappy Job

Do you have a crappy job? Do you get paid barely above minimum wage? Do you dread waking up every morning because you have to go to work?

Well, from what I’ve learned, so does pretty much everyone else.

This summer, I’ve been working my first ever (non-freelance) job. It’s been interesting for me on a couple of levels. The first level was that I got to people watch CONSTANTLY. I couldn’t really pay attention to my people-watching all that hard core, I had a job to do, but it still showed me a lot about who people are. I also got to see the behind the scenes element of a corporation. I didn’t get to see a lot of it, but I did get to see enough to infer a lot.

The second level was being able to understand other people more. I’ve always responded to people complaining about their jobs with the reminder that at least they had a job and were getting paid for it. I thought that this was the only thing that mattered when it came to jobs that weren’t intended to be careers.

I will never say anything of the sort to people ever again. I finally understand what it was like for my classmates who hated going to school every day. Having a crappy job can bury you deep in the dark and barely let you up for air a few times.

The last reason this crappy job was enlightening for me was that it finally taught me something about myself. I’ve always told people that I would do pretty much anything for money (within reason), including marry any rich dude I happened to come across. I’ve always been determined to be financially comfortable and thought I wouldn’t ever be happy until I got my money thing sorted out for life. I now realize that money isn’t actually all that important to me. Of course I want to be in a place where finances won’t give me any unnecessary anxiety (I’ve got enough of that), but marrying someone rich for their money isn’t really my goal any more. I want to marry someone rich for their intelligence and sense of responsibility.

Fortunately, I have no qualms about quitting something that doesn’t make me happy, giving up incredible gains. I have one shift left at this crappy job and then I’m going to try my hand at freelancing for a living at least until my education actually starts to count for something.