I’ve been tweeting about my job a lot recently (mostly because that’s all there is to do when I’m on break) and I was reading back through the tweets and remembering how I was feeling when I tweeted them. I’m not going to lie, though my tweets are supposed to be sarcastic, I was feeling pretty horrible at the time of each and every one of them.

I hate being the person who hates her job, but I’m just not used to the environment. The biggest difference is that people rarely forgive you if you make a mistake and even if you don’t make one, if something goes wrong, they’re all too willing to blame you. They’ve really taken that whole “the customer is always right” crap to heart. If you even try to suggest that they actually have no idea what they’re talking about, they either yell or start talking to you like you’re five years old.

I know what it must look like to them, though. I’m by far the youngest employee there and most of them are adults who are used to having everything their way. Then, I start to tell them that I’ve been told that things work a certain way and it must look like a misinformed little kid trying to tell them something different than what they know to be right.

The problem is that it isn’t okay. It’s okay that they have their own opinions and that they’re a little put out when they find out that their opinions may not be… right. It isn’t okay that they get to put down a person who can’t defend herself. I’m not allowed to tell a customer that it isn’t my fault, because that would be blame-shifting, which is frowned upon. They stand there and make me feel like I’m an absolute idiot and then expect me to cater to their every wish because that’s the real lesson we’re teaching our children; it isn’t kindness and understanding that’s going to get you favors in this world, it’s just being angry enough that people will do what you want through sheer intimidation.

It makes me absolutely sick that people get what they want by whining and being loud. I see moms come through my line every day who spank their kids and tell them off when they start crying because they want something and then they turn around and complain and gripe until everything happens their way. I’ve heard that my generation is the generation of entitlement, but teenagers and young people are among the most polite and considerate people who come through my line. It’s the adults that I see acting like everything should be served to them on a silver platter.

Not all adults do this, but the people who do are always adults.

I don’t want to turn this into Emily talking about how disgusted people make her, so I’ll just wrap this up.

Be polite to people. All of them. All of the people. Just because something doesn’t go your way or because your 50 cents off coupon doesn’t work, you don’t have to freak out. Figure out what really matters to you and if it’s bread that’s 30 cents cheaper, then you need some serious self-reflection time. Remember, you may have the right to getting things that you’re promised, but you don’t have the right to make the middle man (girl) feel like she isn’t good at anything just because you’re put out.