I don’t know if this is a thing with other rural areas that house a high school, but I’m constantly hearing things like, “I can’t spell I went to —– High School,” or “Of course I can’t write, I graduated from —- High School”

It may just be my (former now D’: ) high school, but whatever. I find this really insulting. Do people realize that the reason they can’t write or spell or speak properly is not because they went to a certain high school, it’s because they didn’t bother to retain any information from their English classes.

I went through the same high school as everyone else, yet I can still manage to communicate correctly. I hate it when people think they can go ahead and blame their own shortcomings on whatever situation or environment they find themselves in. It’s the least adult way of dealing with things that I can think of. We have a whole host of fantastic English teachers at our high school and people don’t give them enough credit for the work they actually do. Yeah, so the students are morons and refuse to learn anything beyond what can get them a passing grade in the class, that isn’t the school’s fault and people need to start being responsible and intelligent.

Next time I hear someone saying that they can’t do something because of where they went to school or where they grew up, I swear I’m going to poke them in the eye.

Don’t be stupid, people. You’re just insulting yourself. You’re also insulting me and I don’t appreciate it.