In my last post, I talked about paradigm shifts. Changing is nice. If it’s for the better, it makes people feel like they’re moving forward in life.

There is nothing more horrible than wanting to change yourself in order to fit someone else’s idea of an ideal person. I mean, I think it’s cool if people inspire you to change, but if you want to change so that someone will like you more, then you’re doing it wrong.

You see this problem a lot with teenagers. They change themselves into people that they think other people will see as “cool” and then they get into trouble. They get angry at everyone or they get depressed because they don’t know who they are.

The solution to this problem is to change for yourself. Any change you make for someone else is going to be pointless and it’s going to disappear when that person is gone. Change yourself in ways that are going to benefit you no matter who you’re around. That sounds a little selfish, but you’re going to seem less fake to others.

Also, when you try to ask a girl on the internet to be your girlfriend, she won’t crush you with her intellect because you are a moron and don’t understand that she’s not going to be your girlfriend just because you say you’ll change…….

A frustrating day on the internet, my friends…