So, I was watching THIS video on Youtube and it reminded me of a post I rambled out a month ago or something.

The video is partially about limiting yourself because of your own perceptions. A lot of people do it because they just don’t think of themselves as capable humans who can do whatever they want.

I talked about this a little while I was gushing about AP Chemistry and how much it’s impacted me. I’ve always limited myself on what I was going to do with my adult life because I didn’t think I was motivated to do anything other than the things that came easily to me. Then I found something I am terrible at and decided to stick through, finding out that I could succeed. Like in the video, it went from “I could never do college chemistry, I’m too lazy,” to “Maybe I could do do college chemistry… I can at least try.”

Another thing I’ve always limited myself on was getting anything more than a bachelor’s degree. I always thought that I could never get a master’s degree or a doctorate because I’m not good at coming up with original ideas on what to write a thesis on, but then that video all the colleges make you watch when you go on a tour said that a lot of people don’t think they can get a professional degree. It talked just a little bit about how everyone is capable of doing it if they want and it changed my perspective on that as well.

In Seminary once, we learned about paradigm shifts. Apparently if you’re having paradigm shifts, you’re “doing it right.” My perspective wasn’t changing at all before this year because I wasn’t thinking about my potential, I was thinking about the easiest route.

If you can shift your perspective to keep looking further ahead and with more possibilities, then you’ll supposedly be able to accomplish more.