In this blog post, I talked about the experience that I had being a part of my high school Science Olympiad Team. It’s very dramatic and all, but it lacked the results of our state competition.

Actually, I’ve had our results and placings for a whole week, but I was caught up in my massive nostalgia run of unrestrained word vomit. Therefore, I shall now reveal these scores to the readers of this blog who have been anxiously awaiting the results (a.k.a. no one).

Now, bear (bare? I’m perpetually confused by this commonly confused word pairing) in mind that there were around 60 schools at this competition, according to my coach (unless I’m totally lying and my brain is just making that number up…). Pretty much tons of teams from high schools all over Utah.

In Anatomy and Physiology; my partner, Kayla, and I ranked 11th overall. I think this is the same ranking we got at the regional comp, but it’s twice as impressive because there were twice as many schools (again, I could be wrong about this). We really didn’t care all that much about our placing. We feel like we did well considering our limited amount of knowledge about things. Not to mention that we got to touch a bunch of human body parts.

In Chemistry Lab; my partner, Jason, and I ranked 17th. This was pretty expected, seeing as we had to guess on everything. I’m still not sure what we did wrong, but I’ve let it go… for now…

In Forensics; my partner, Kendall, and I ranked 8th. I really have to give most of the credit for that to Kendall. Even though he didn’t do much helping in the preparation for the thing, he totally took charge during the event. I hate to say it, but I panicked. They through so much stuff at me that my brain completely shut down and refused to figure out what I should do. Kendall kept his cool, however, and did a bunch of stuff that he wasn’t in charge of doing. He also did a chromatography test for me, even though he had no knowledge of chemistry at the time. It really is invaluable to have a partner that works well under pressure. Not that I don’t… I don’t know. I did the same thing as he did in our Circuit Lab event because my partner didn’t have any idea what to do. I’m not sure what it was about Forensics that got to me…

Actually, now that I think about it, Forensics happened in a windowless laboratory with narrow rows crammed with teams. The environment was loud, a little disorganized, and bustling with people. Definitely not my ideal setting. I let that get to me. Circuit Lab happened in a slightly more open area with absolutely no people. It was weird. Not a single other team showed up for the event, so Jason and I had the room to ourselves. It was quiet and it was calm. Maybe my irrational fear of large amounts of people does affect my ability to work…

In Circuit Lab, Jason and I ranked 11th. I am incredibly pleased with this score because I did it on my own. I literally borrowed a Circuitry textbook from my friend (to whom I am eternally grateful) and read through the first 150 pages. I’ve tried learning Chemistry that way, but it just doesn’t work out very well. Somehow, though, I managed to complete all the math involved AND build a circuit without blowing everyone up. All my other events were completed through the efforts of a team, no matter what our rankings were. Circuit Lab, sadly, wasn’t. I understand, though. Jason maintains a 4.o GPA as well as a lot of other things and just didn’t have the time to study. To be honest, though, it was good for me not to be able to rely on other people. I admit to being a person who puts in less effort to a project when I have a partner.

I had to learn circuitry on my own, which isn’t easy. My dad is an electrical technician and he had a hard time with some of the theory I struggled through. It actually helped me with some of the stuff we learned in AP Chem and now I understand some things that I see or read that I wouldn’t have before.

For example, I’m having some sort of nerve test… thingy done for my arm. Apparently, they can send an electrical current through your nerves that will tell them if some sort of blockage is occurring and where the problem originates. My doctor tried to explain it a little bit and I think my dad and I kind of got the gist of what he was saying. Ever since I took Human Biology and watched Grey’s Anatomy, I’ve been able to at least partially understand what doctors say to me and I feel… almost like I have an advantage over life. That may be really stupid sounding, but I really like it when I can understand what people are saying.

Anyway, our results came with these little line graphs showing us how we did in relation to all the other schools. I wish I could show them to you. Well, I could link you to our scores and everything, but then all you internet creepers would be able to see where I go to school. Our school did really well overall in the state. We even took first place out of all the schools in our region who were there. Not to mention I had a ton of fun, even though I probably walked more than two miles during the course of the day, half of it uphill.