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Intermediate School is sixth and seventh grade for me. To be honest, I really don’t remember a lot of stuff that happened during this period. None of the subjects were really that exciting and none of the teachers particularly liked me. Sometimes, if I’m trying to understand how normal people perceive going to school every day, I just (try to) remember what the sixth and seventh grade were like for me. It really wasn’t all that special and the few specific moments I can remember about it were things that were made awesome by the people I was hanging out with.

One significant thing I remember is from my seventh grade year. During the second trimester, I was a library aide for the hour after lunch. I normally spent my lunch times in the library anyway, so this trimester was very relaxing for me because I didn’t have to leave the library when the bell rang like everyone else. The other library aide and I divided the library into two parts so that putting the returned books away wouldn’t take so stinking long. Kaitlyn took the reference section and the section of books organized in the Dewey Decimal System while I was in charge of the fiction section. I particularly liked this because the books were in order of last name and actually looked like a decent set of bookshelves while the other section looked like… well, it looked like what it was, a bunch of scrawny, starved-looking books that had no particular average size or solid color scheme.

We got pretty darn good at putting books away so that it only took us fifteen minutes to put the fifty or so books on average back on the shelves. Our school librarian was also the librarian for the middle school, so he left right after lunch. This meant that the only supervision we had was the lady who worked in the copy room next door. She usually had a lot of work to do, so we were on our own.

Mostly we just sat there reading or doing homework, but it was so nice not to have to do anything for an hour. I feel like some of my class periods now are like that, but if I had space for it, I would have added in a study period. It would have come in handy for this year. AP Chemistry gives me so much homework that sometimes I’m a terrible person and work on it during Seminary. It isn’t that I don’t have time to do it at home… but I kind of don’t. I get home around 6:30 these days. Between eating dinner and doing whatever my mom wants me to do (and goofing off on the internet and blogging), I usually only have an hour or so for homework and this stupid Chemistry homework takes forever.

Anyway, that’s about all I can say about intermediate school. I seriously don’t even remember who most of my friends were besides a few people. Sometimes I wish I could remember better because I know that I went to the same school as tons of my friends now and they sometimes say stuff they remember about me from intermediate school, but I can’t remember if I knew them or if I even liked them.

One of the other classes I remember well was my “Integrated Science” class… whatever that is supposed to mean. I remember it because, when I got to highschool, that teacher had switched and taught my Human Biology class. There were a lot of things that he did the same and it reminded me of that class. I remember getting nosebleeds in his class a lot, strangely. Always during tests too. I got sick a few times in there as well. Perhaps my body was telling me something?

I absolutely adored Human Biology as well as my teacher. He’s a pretty cool guy. When I got to highschool, I could tell he liked teaching that level a lot more than he liked teaching thirteen-year-olds. Not to mention he really likes science. When my friend Kayla and I had to do Human Anatomy and Physiology for the Science Olympiad, we went to ask him if he had any reference material for us to study and he got really excited about helping us because he wasn’t teaching human biology any more and he said that he really missed it. So we went to him when we had questions and he would spend all this time explaining things to us.

Actually, the Monday after our State competition, he was talking to my chemistry teacher about something and Science Olympiad came up, so he asked me how we did and I was just telling him about all the cool, parts of a dead guy we got to see and he geeked out pretty hard. For some reason not very many people were excited by actual brains and kidneys and stuff. I’m not sure why people don’t think that’s awesome.

One more thing, seeing as I’m already way off topic; whenever I type out high school, sometimes Google Chrome tells me that it isn’t grammatically correct and that I have to type it like “highschool.” So which way is used when? I’m a little confused. You don’t write the word squished up like that when you type elementary school. Elementaryschool. See, Chrome says it’s wrong…. Maybe I’ll ask my English teacher tomorrow…

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