The graphic that I’ve been getting my topics from says that the last question is “When do you become a Doctor Who fan?” but I think it’s supposed to mean “When DID you become a Doctor Who fan?”

Either way…

I’m not sure exactly when because I started watching the first season at one point and loved it, but then stopped watching for a while, then I had to draw my own constellation for my Earth Systems class a few years later and my constellation was the TARDIS and then I started watching again.

As for when DO you become a fan: I have no idea. I suppose when you start watching of your own accord instead of because it happens to be on or because your friends watch it while you’re present. This doesn’t count when it comes to that one time I watched the entire first season of Glee, however, because I watched it all in hopes that it would become better, but it didn’t. So, I guess another criteria item would be that you also have to like it.

Anyway, on to other things.

My friend from Twitter, Lauren whose blog is entitled Lauren’s Playground, nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award, for which I am extremely thankful (THANKS, LAUREN!).

Here are some instruction thingies for the people whom I have nominated.

  1. Copy and paste the award logo onto a post.
  2. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you.
  3. List seven things about yourself.
  4. Nominate five other blogs.

One: I play the violin in my high school orchestra, one of the only places in which I am ever competitive.

Two: I like knitting and crafty things, though I don’t really know much about art or crafts or arts and crafts or colors or design or fashion. I knit to clear my head and to occupy myself when I am bored.

Three: I like writing things from both a creative and a technical stand-point. I’ve completed three novels and two screenplays so far in my (extremely productive, let me tell you) life.

Four: I like watching documentaries (especially the ones about space).

Five: I have an irrational fear of cutting my hair. It is almost (probably) three(ish) feet long right now and I rarely get it trimmed, though there are occasions when I would like to shave it all off, though I would regret it if I ever did (I won’t).

Six: I like going to school, not because of the social aspect (which I actually sort of hate), but because I like to learn stuff and I think that my teachers are very interesting people who deserve to be listened to.

Seven: I am a terrible driver. I have had so many near-crashes on the road that I’m surprised people don’t take away my license. I have a really hard time changing lanes because I can’t glance over and see things, so I nearly crash into people and I forget to stop at stop signs regularly. I’m that person that everyone passes because they are driving five under the speed limit.

There you go. Now for nominations:

MattPeart: Apparently profound ramblings. He likes yo-yos. I borrowed a book to him… I also apparently make a great effort to know things about people.

Liter(ality): Great stuff about writing… and an occasional bunny… and stuff.

Jeyna Grace: Fabulous things to read. Fabulous. FABULOUS. O_o

I couldn’t really find any more blogs. Three is more than half of five anyway…