Favorite Guest Star:

Carry Mulligan. Sally Sparrow from the episode “Blink.”

It’s hard to choose a favorite episode of Doctor Who, but it’s easy enough to say that Blink is my favorite because it’s a good episode and I can call it my favorite and people won’t badger me about why it is because I have never met anyone who doesn’t like Blink.

Blink also seems to be a common first episode to see. I try to get friends who haven’t seen Doctor Who to see Blink because it has so little to do with what’s going on with the Doctor and Martha and all the characters are just as confused as the new people. Also, it’s a fabulous episode.

We had a Doctor Who party a few weeks ago and I wanted to watch Blink for the several people in the room who hadn’t seen Doctor Who very much/at all, but people elected to watch Midnight instead, which freaks me out a lot. A LOT.