Favorite GIF:

I’m not even sure how this uploading media works…

Those are my favorites among others. The problem with asking me about gifs is that I love gifs like nobody’s business. I can spend hours on tumblr just watching gifs. I have to severely limit my time on tumblr or I will never accomplish anything ever.

Whenever I go to my friend Leslie’s house to do homework or something, we watch shows whilst we work, which actually helps me to work faster since I have a hard time concentrating sometimes (all the time), but she always makes me turn it off and do silent working and stuff. I’m not really complaining, seeing as I usually get my homework done, but I like watching stuff.

This becomes a huge problem when I watch things in the evening because I will watch an episode of some show and if there is another episode after it, I will keep watching and it is very hard for me to stop. I tend to soak things in when I find them interesting. Like, when I’m sitting in history class or chemistry, sometimes I completely forget about taking notes because I get so caught up in what the teacher is teaching. This happens with books and movies and television and Wikipedia articles. It’s terrible…

Though that didn’t happen in AP Chemistry this morning, though we were talking about my favorite subject: nuclear chemistry. I get what Google tells me are ocular migraines, though the article I just read said that they’re painless, which they most certainly are not for me.

The thing was, this morning I kind of freaked out at my little sister because she lost all of my lunch foods so I had to pack other stuff to eat and so I forgot to take my drugs. The drugs I take are anti-inflammatory pills for my neck and when I don’t take them, every muscle I have (it seems) seizes up and I get really lame headaches. This headache started with a line of distortion in my vision just to the left of where my eyes focus. Basically, I couldn’t focus on anything, so I took my glasses off because they’re pretty useless at that point and sat for a while before the final bell rang trying to not be blind any more. This effort proved useless, however, for my blindness persisted.

Another problem I have is that I can’t hear very well. In order to hear a person and be able to focus on what they’re saying, I need to be looking at them. Thus, I sit at the very front of the classroom in all of my classes and stare the teacher down whilst they are teaching. I’ve learned to be able to take notes without looking at the paper, though I can’t really stay in the lines. Because I was pretty much blind, I couldn’t really focus on what my teacher was saying and I couldn’t read what was written on the board, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to be very confused tomorrow during class.

The blindness sort of went away during second hour, but third hour was the worst. Playing music is really hard when you can’t see the notes… or sit up straight for that matter. Fortunately, it’s gone now that I’m home and on drugs again. Unfortunately, I only have one pill left, so I’m bound to get really grumpy this weekend when I’m suffering from withdrawals.

I’m not even sure that you can get addicted to these anti-inflammatory drugs. They aren’t all that strong and they really don’t do much except decrease swelling, which I seem to have a lot of. I may have to take them for the rest of my life if my physical therapist never calls me back with an appointment and figures out how to fix me. He’s really nice, though, and he’s tried a ton of stuff that normally works on people but doesn’t work on me. I feel bad for him, seeing as nothing ever affects me like it’s supposed to. I also feel kind of bad that he was wrong about me being too young for old people conditions. Apparently I am not too young to have old people problems…. which reminds me… I’ll be eighteen in less than a month.


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