Favorite Interview:

I’m too exciting for interviews. Actually, I like that one where Matt Smith interviews Karen Gillan. That one was pretty good. Besides that one, though, I haven’t seen any others. I don’t really like watching them. There are interesting things in them, but I don’t actually care about anything.

This morning in my Advance Placement Chemistry class, my teacher implied that I was famous enough to change the name of one of the things we were talking about, but I can’t even remember what it was we were talking about. There is a problem with having Chemistry first thing in the morning, the first being that I haven’t fully awakened yet and therefore my brain filter isn’t as effective as it usually is.

Orchestra is another place where my brain filter has problems kicking in. I say some of the most obnoxious things (that I find funny, in my defense) and I usually get yelled at. Although I did make this t-shirt design and it won the contest we had, so now I have to fix all the things that are wrong with it. The problem is that I can’t fix it with Microsoft Paint, which is what I used to make it in the first place, and I don’t have a reliable printer at home to use. Thus I will have to remake the design using the school computers, most likely during my Digital Photography class, and then use Mr. Watkins’ printer to print it out. Fortunately, our Digital Photography assignments are extremely easy to do, so I’m ahead a little bit in my work and will have time to do this.

Hopefully he will let me print it out. Mr. Schenk usually lets me print things out in his computer lab, but then again, he let me get on tumblr last year when I finished my work. I think they blocked tumblr on the school computers this year, though, which is unfortunate, because I used to post pictures on my tumblr from home that I needed for school so that I wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of emailing it to myself or taking it on a flashdrive. I guess I could put the stuff on the memory card in my camera and do it that way, but I don’t like handling those things. I’m afraid I will crush them.

Is it sad that yesterday I wrote a philosophicalish essay about wisdom/intelligence/knowledge and I was struggling to reach a three-hundred word count, yet today I’m writing a blog post that isn’t even about anything at all and I’ve blown past three-hundred words? I might have been tempted to post my essay here, but one, every senior in our school is required to do it and, no matter how unlikely it is for anyone at all to read this, I didn’t want them stealing my essay, and two, it sounds really dumb because in order to get a good score on this essay (computer graded), you have to write at a lower reading level and repeat every point you make a million times and I was just too lazy to go back and rewrite it so that it would be far more interesting. Someday, internet, I will write a million-page book or something filled with every semi-interesting thought I’ve ever had that is worth saying and then, internet, you will know. You. Will. Know.