Least Favorite Actress:

I think we’ve already discussed the problem with Freema Agyeman/Martha Jones and her annoying breathing. She’s probably not a bad actress at all… I just can’t stand her breathing…

It’s the little noises, you know? I suppose this comes from being a musician for several years. For seven years(ish), my ears have been trained to pick out the slightest discrepancy in pitch or rhythm. This is a good thing when everyone around you cares (or at least they should) about pitch and rhythm, such as in Orchestra or Choir (or Band, but I’ve never been in Band, so…). Unfortunately, it is absolutely terrible in situations where people are untrained in music. Church, for example.

The hymns that we sing at the church I go to are all very well arranged, in my opinion. In most of them, the parts all work together and, provided all the sections are strong, singing them can be pretty amazing. However, my church ward (local group, whatever you want to call it) is filled with old ladies (their equally old husbands are all surprisingly good at singing, actually…) who either can’t sing anymore because of their age or have never been able to sing. This is one of the main reasons I try to tune the world out whenever we’re singing a hymn. I can’t stand listening to most everyone singing the melody (badly) and only a few people singing the other parts.

Have you ever listened to people singing with songs on the radio? I mean really listened. Most people get the words very easily, but the pitches… not a chance. It drives me insane. Other noises that drive me insane: squeaky shoes, high pitched sounds, people yelling in high-pitched noises, and people talking or yelling when I’m trying to sleep.

My ears are very sensitive… This is why the breathing bugs me. Just in case anyone was wondering why I make such a big deal out of it…