I had to take a little hiatus there because I left my laptop at my grandmother’s house for a few days and I don’t have any internet there. It’s been surprisingly nice, despite the distinct lack of internet. Yesterday and this morning we made salsa and ate some of it with crackers.


Character that you like that everyone else hates:

This is literally an impossible question to answer because no matter how many characters there are, there are more fans and every single one of those fans like a combination of characters. Think of it as a gigantic Venn diagram. There is a circle representing all of the characters in all of the Doctor Who episodes and then there is a circle representing all the characters that fans like. The Venn diagram looks like this:

Microsoft Paint skillz

So, statistically, there isn’t any character out there that is solely liked by myself. In fact, I can’t even think of any characters that I like that people I know don’t like. Of course, my friend Matt doesn’t like Donna Noble and she’s my favorite companion. Well, I say that she’s my favorite, but then again, I say that everyone is my favorite. All of my teachers are my favorite teacher, all of my friends are my favorite friend. I have a problem with calling things my favorite. The truth is, I’m far too passive to actually pick favorites. This way it’s just easier…

Though I did just take the time to make Venn diagram in Paint, so I don’t know what that was all about… I’m so glad this is the last week of my summer vacation. I can stop being crazy and start learning things again.