Least Favorite Season:

Again leaving the Classic Who seasons out of it, my least favorite series is series 3. The Martha series. I have no real problem with Martha Jones (Except for the breathing thing that I’ve already mentioned), it’s just that the entire series is so sad and nothing really good comes out of it. Everyone hates the Doctor in that series except for Jack. Martha, her family, the Master. There is the thing with his “daughter”, but that ends sadly too.

I like the beginning part of a Doctor’s reign because they’re all happy and adventurous, but then stuff happens to them and they get all sad and slightly suicidal. I like it when a Doctor just feels adventurous and crazy and awesome. The Doctor doesn’t feel this way with Martha, so I usually just watch the first episode of the series before it gets all awkward and sad and then I skip right on to the Donna series.