Least Favorite Companion:

Martha Jones. I think most people either hate her or love her, but I don’t really mind her, it’s just… her breathing. It sounds stupid, but go back and watch one of her episodes. Every time she’s tired or scared or under stress, she breaths with this shrill, shreaky noise that annoys me to no end. I won’t go into the whole her-awkward-relationship-with-the-Doctor-makes-her-a-terrible-companion-and-then-she’s-a-jerk-to-him argument because I think people are different and react to different situations differently and I think that she isn’t like Rose or Donna who have had a lot of time to sort of outcasts, but she’s attractive and popular and she has a normal family who have normal people problems. She comes from a completely different situation than Rose or Donna, so she doesn’t relate to the Doctor in the same way. Some people hate that and that’s fine, but her breathing is unacceptable.