Favorite Companion:

All of Ten’s companions were marvelous (even Martha was kind of cool in her own way) and Eleven’s are pretty cool as well, but I always go with Rose on this one. She was sort of the original companion (for New Who, anyway) and she really shaped who the Doctor became. I can’t help but think that she had a little bit to do with what Ten became. Like, somehow, because Nine’s regeneration into Ten happened in the middle of Rose’s reign as companion, Ten sort of became something that worked well with Rose. That’s probably not how the whole regeneration thing works, but I like to think that there was a certain amount of influence from Rose. Plus, the whole thing in series 4 with Rose running about all by herself and helping Donna in the parallel universe and whatnot. Rose is super cool.

My second choice would be Rory because he’s a guy and there hadn’t really been a guy companion in New Who (Yeah, Jack and Micky and that one guy from the episode that happened underneath Salt Lake, but all of those characters brought with them this awkward romance element that I didn’t particularly like and Rory is already married to Amy, so it’s not like a “Ooh, we’re courting or dating or whatever it’s called and there must be a ton  of random dialogue where we flirt and we’re all giggly and we blush a ton.” They’ve gotten over that stage and that leaves Rory with room to be… awesomer). But Rory is always saying super cool things and dying and yelling at the Doctor. I find it really amusing.