Apparently, titles for blog posts are optional. That’s a little ridiculous. Are people really going to read a paragraph or more of writing without some sort of indication as to what the post is going to be about, especially when most people who blog are blogging to get a following for some unknown reason. I’m pretty lazy and I still manage to come up with a title. In fact, if I can’t come up with a title, I take it as a sign that I shouldn’t write a post either.

See, it’s a thing. It’s one of those things that you just do. You make a title for your blog. No one is going to read it otherwise and don’t pretend like you don’t want people to read it because you’re posting it online. Just because you set your Twitter account to private doesn’t mean anything. If you didn’t want people to read the stuff that you post, you’d write it down in some ridiculous, leather-bound journal and then you’d burn it before you die.

Or you’d make a Word document. Only Word documents don’t turn out as fluffy and colorful as blog posts. Even hand-written journals look pretty cool when you finish them, if your handwriting isn’t like mine. Mine changes constantly. It will be slanted and long at the beginning of the page and then slowly morph into short and fat. I’m pretty sure that means I have an unstable personality, but I haven’t snapped and murdered people yet, so I figure I’m okay for now.

Maybe emotionally unstable people are the people who don’t give titles to their blog-posts? That’s a thought. When I go to college, I should get a degree in internet psychology or something. Then I could spend hours on tumblr and call it ‘research’. I am a genius.