A surprisingly good combination. Seriously, though the salmon wasn’t really seasoned ideally to eat with ice cream. I probably won’t ever eat it again, though, due in part to the fact that we don’t have any salmon left and we don’t buy it all that often. My dad and I are the only members of the family that like it.

Yesterday my friend, Leslie, and I were eating chips whilst watching Grey’s Anatomy and she was trying to find some ranch dip to dip the chips into, but all she could find was some Cool Whip, so we dipped the chips into that. Also not a bad combination, but I won’t be likely to do it again.

It took me years of dipping my fries in my Frosty for me to realize that I didn’t really like it. I always did it because that’s what people liked and that’s what my older brother did and we always ate the same things when we went out to eat. Same thing with mixing my fountain drink/Slurpee flavors. I didn’t really like it, but I did it because of the pretty colors.

I think this indicates the incredibly weak character I had whilst growing up. I was kind of a moron.