As I’m sure I’ve told countless people, I can always tell that I’m dreaming. In the middle of some weird dream, I’ll randomly stop whatever I’m doing and think, “This is a dream…” and then continue on doing whatever I’m doing. It never affects what I do in the dream, so it isn’t really like lucid dreaming, but dreams freak me out less when I know they’re dreams (go figure). There are a few ways I can tell that I’m dreaming, one being that it’s usually unnaturally dark or misty/blurry and the another being that I don’t see people’s faces. The faces are there and I can recognize people that I know, but I can’t see their faces.

Last night I had a dream wherein it was the normal brightness and I could see people’s faces, therefore I didn’t realize it was a dream until I woke up and it freaked me out.

In the dream, for unknown reasons, there had been a nuclear war and I was hanging out with my extended family and there were these huge craters in the ground. Some sort of chemical reaction took place in the ground and everything caught on fire, namely our house. The thing that bothered me as I watched our house burn, was that I could see through the window of my bedroom (a window that doesn’t even exist now, which should have clued me in) to my bookshelf and I could see my bookshelf burning up.

After that I woke up, but it was a pretty scary dream, even though no body died or anything.