I wrote this essay for a scholarship that I applied for recently. It is long and a little bit rambly, but rambly is the best I can do.

Whilst I can remember being bullied outside of the internet, it never made that big of an impression on me because I was very good at ignoring people (I have brothers), but on the internet, there have been many times when someone has said something unkind to me and it has affected me profoundly. Not only is the internet somewhere that I can function socially with some amount of ease, but it is also my mode of output for creativity. It’s like creating a channel from my heart straight to wherever I am posting and when those posts gain unkind comments, I take it very personally. The internet has become something of a sanctuary for many people I know and to have someone attack you while you are in that sanctuary is devastating. If you are accustomed, as I am, to being rather bad at interacting with others socially “in real life” and you’ve found an alternate way to socialize in the internet; being treated with disdain and cruelty will whittle away at your ability to do anything when it comes to people. Many parents are concerned about how much time their children spend on the internet/computers and rightfully so. Just as anything else, the internet is very alluring and can lead to distraction from things that are important, but for some people, the internet is one of the only mediums that makes sense. It is important for people to feel comfortable and competent in some respect and if that respect is the internet, then who are we to deny anyone that? When someone bullies someone else on the internet, it is like they are denying the person they are bullying a place where they can feel comfortable and worth something. Any action that any human performs is going to have an impact on everyone else in the world and every human has the right to make a life for themselves and to be happy. What right do any of us have to do things that will make it harder for someone else to find happiness? Not only do we have to be careful with our actions, but we have to stop making conscious decision to impede those around us. It’s unfair and I am a firm believer in fairness. I don’t like feeling bad about myself and I don’t like seeing others with crushed confidence because of those individuals who have decided that they’re more important than everyone else in the world. There is nothing mature or intelligent about bullying and my greatest wish is for everyone to act with maturity and intelligence.