This is another drive-by posting. I enjoy these things. Don’t judge me…. Interestingly enough, telling someone not to judge them is just like a giant invitation to judge them. Like, “I’m going to do something extremely questionable and you are going to want to deny all association with me after I do it, but don’t judge me, even though you pretty much already have and you’re probably judging me even more for saying something so cliche.”

Put your iTunes on shuffle and create the soundtrack to your life.

Opening credits: Brighter Lights – HeyHiHello!

Waking up: Dance Music – The Mountain Goats

Falling in love: Every Breath You Take – The Police (NO! Of all the creepy songs…)

Fight song: Penguin – Christina Perri

Breaking up: The Luckiest – Ben Folds

Getting back together: Orange Ball of Hate – The Mountain Goats

Wedding: Every Day is Like Sunday – Morrissey

Birth of child: Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day

Final battle: Mustapha – Queen

Death scene: Traffic Jam – Weird Al Yankovic

Funeral song: The Way To Normal – Ben Folds

End credits: Relax (Take it Easy) – MIKA