As a sort of justification to the ranting that I am likely about to do,  I haven’t been able to sleep in on a Saturday morning for the last month or so. That’s the whole point of the weekend. I have school every other morning except for Sunday, but I still have to get up early to go to church. The only reason I don’t go insane during the week is because I know that I can at least sleep in on Saturday.

This morning at 6:20, my mother came into my room and woke me up (technically, her walking down the hallway to my room woke me up). Once again, she’d volunteered our family to go do some service project, which is fine, except for when it happens at 7:00 on a Saturday morning. It’s worth something to note that she could have woke me up at, like, 6:50, or something, which would have given me plenty of time to get ready if I had chosen to go, but she insists on everyone sitting around for hours before we actually need to go. She asked me if I was going (which she should stop, because she doesn’t usually give me a choice, but she implies that she does), to which I replied, angrily, that I wasn’t.

Five minutes later, she comes in again and asks me again. I give the same answer. Five minutes later my dad comes in and asks me why I am not going. I reply that I am sleeping. Yet another five minutes later, my mother comes into the room to tell me that my father has said that I am not allowed to get on my computer today if I don’t come. When I finally hear the back door slam closed, I am too much awake to go back to sleep. This puts me in a very fowl mood.

Surprisingly, the method of relaxation that I chose to combat this destructive-type mood was to do my math homework for an hour. Not surprisingly, I cannot understand how to do any of it even though I paid attention in class and took extensive notes. Also, half of the problems had angry looking fractions in them and reciprocals. I can deal with sine, cosine, and tangent, but secant, cosecant, and cotangent confuse me to no end.

My family got home around that time, but being the mature near-adult that I am, I decided not to speak to them. I then spent three more hours in my bedroom rearranging the posters and papers that are on my walls… I also colored… in a coloring book.

Either my mother forgot that I wasn’t allowed on my computer or she’s just too used to making idle threats (both, probably). Unfortunately, I’ve just wasted a half hour writing this blog post whilst I am supposed to be Script-Frenzy-ing (emphasis on the “Frenzy”). I’m sure I will finish if I can just knock out, like, twenty pages today… provided that I come up with something to happen next.