I now know how blind people feel. When I get migraines, I usually have vision distortion (Google tells me “Ocular (ophthalmic) migraines”) about an hour or so before the actual migraine, but they’re usually just lines in my vision, but today, in the middle of Orchestra, my right eye completely gave up on the whole “seeing” thing. This is problematic because my left eye doesn’t work, at all. That’s a lie. It works just enough to be frustratingly not helpful.

Fortunately, the music we were playing in Orchestra was music that I’ve played before, so I could play it well enough from memory. “Well enough”, as in, very terribly, but it wasn’t my fault. I also couldn’t really decide which was worse: closing my right eye, making use of the almost nonexistent usefulness of my left eye only, or keeping my right eye open and seeing in equal terribleness with both eyes.

My friend Leslie, however, thoroughly enjoyed waving her hands right by my face where I couldn’t see them. My other friend, Leah, helpfully gave me some “magic pills” (ibuprofen), which helped dramatically, meaning that I could see things, though without much clarity.

It was improving until I had to go to Chemistry wherein we wore these green-tinged safety goggles that always give me a headache anyway. I couldn’t really see my calculations or my calculator, so it’s a miracle that we passed the lab. Last time we had a lab in Chemistry, I did the calculations wrong and we got weird numbers and it was a disaster.