I am not at home. I am at my friend’s house because my parents don’t trust me to stay home alone. Obviously, I would probably break everything and have massive parties with my two friends if I were home alone… The good thing about this is that I don’t have to cook food for myself or sit around talking to myself. Even if I am just in a room by myself, but there are people in other rooms of the house, I just sit there, but if there are no people in the house, I feel the need to fill the silence with the sound of my voice. Or I sing rather loudly. I don’t like being home by myself. I mean, I already do most of the talking in my house anyway because the members of my family are so annoyingly quiet all the time. Well, I suppose my younger siblings aren’t particularly quiet, but they don’t really engage in intelligent conversation, they just yell things at one another because of their inability to get along at all. I have an older brother that I grew up with, but we both had to learn to get along because neither of us really had any other friends and we didn’t leave our house at all during our childhood outside of school because we live in the middle of nowhere and we’re just too lazy to go out and do things.

I tend to make friends due to necessity. Don’t get me wrong, I like the people I befriend or else I wouldn’t befriend them, but my friends (at least the ones I’m closest to) tend to be outcasts of sorts. Sometimes one of us works their way out of obscurity and get a bunch of new friends, but our high school only has like eight hundred people in it, so we’re all just… chummy. My younger brother and sister, however, seem to be abandoning the family trend of having no friends. They are both quite popular, it seems, so they don’t live in the same isolation that I grew up in. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but they should really figure out how to get along because their constant screaming is making me emotionally unstable.

Of course there is no way to prove that my “emotional instability” (an actual quote from an actual therapist) is directly correlated with my younger siblings, but I feel the need to always blame them for everything because I’m just a terrible human being, it would seem.