I don’t even get that name… if it’s a conjunction, then….. ANYWAY.

Our “community”, also known as known as our “stake” which, if you’re not Mormon, I’m not sure you know what that is, moving on, had a “hoedown” which our family was perfectly content to skip, but someone got wind of the ability that my mother and I share to play the violin, so we were commissioned to come and play at this “gathering”.

So, we played, blah blah blah, then after this girl who sang badly, there was this guy of an age probably older than mine but I suck at guessing ages so WHATEVER. At first, my friend, Amanda, and I were completely distracted by the weird shape of his guitar, which resembled a mandolin… and then we were kind of laughing because this guy was doing the whole thanking EVERYONE thing, which was hilarious because we were sitting far enough to the side to not be in normal sight of a person standing on stage, yet the guy looked over at us and we were dissolving into fits of laughter.

Then we were laughing about the words to this guy’s song, which turned out to be an original song, so… then he started playing his next song which was kind of catchy, then we started singing Perform The Way by Weird Al Yankovic because it is a catchy song.

Then Amanda, her two older brothers, and I went outside on this ENORMOUS patch of grass (apparently it was a sod farm) and played Ninja and a variation of Uno using our hands and slapping the ground (insanity). Then I went back to Amanda’s house and we read comics online and watched Youtube videos.

Yay, randomness.