What’s your current relationship status (in great detail)?
Nonexistent.  No, seriously. Not even interested, thanks.

Tell me about your friends/best friends.

1)My school friends and I usually just sit in the library and read a lot.

2)I have a group of people on Twitter (Harry Potter fans, mostly) with whom I exchange words as a form of communication. We have great fun.

3)I have some friends who go to my rival high school and they’re the most awesome people I know… I went to the Utah State Fair Weird Al concert with them recently and we screamed a lot…
What are five people on Tumblr you would have a sleep over with?
I don’t really know people on Tumblr much. There are a few people I know irl, though. They’re pretty cool.

Post some lyrics that are relevant to how you feel now.

Last night I had a dream we were inseparably combined, like a piece of rope made out of two pieces of twine. Held together, holding each other with no one else in mind, like two atoms in a molecule inseparably combined.

Those are the only lyrics I can ever remember. It’s a pretty great song, though. Two Atoms in a Molecule by Noah and the Whale.

If you were kicked out of your house, where would you go?

My friend’s mom actually told me that if I ever needed a place to stay I could go to their house…
When was the last time you were angry? Why?

I was a little miffed at people in math class who were singing too loudly. I was trying to read. :P

When was the last time you cried? Why did you cry?

At the end of the last Harry Potter film. I died a little inside

How was your life different during this time last year?

My sophomore year of high school was super easy, while this year is really hard.
What are three pet peeves of yours?
Leaving doors/cupboard doors open, singing during QUIET time, and our pet bird that will not be quiet while I’m playing video games.
One wish you have?
I wish I could obtain a job.
Tell me about someone you miss, or a time that you miss.
The eighth grade. It was my favorite grade. Favorite year of school.
What’s a secret of yours?
I can’t say. I promised.
What are three of your biggest fears?
Blindness, child-birth, marriage.
Goals for the future?
Write something worth reading, graduate high school, figure out where I’m going to college.
What are some of your hobbies or talents?
Reading, writing, internet… stalking? blogging, STUFF.
Do you ever save up shopping bags that you find cute or just throw them away after?
All the shopping bags I have say “Shopko” on them, so… not really, no.
Are you one of those people who are never satisfied with a haircut after you get it?
I cut my own hair, so I keep whittling away until I’m satisfied. I never stop, in fact.
What is the weirdest thing you have ever done with a crush or significant other?
I don’t.
Do you shave your arms even though it supposedly grows back thick?
THAT is a myth. The reason your hair SEEMS thicker after you shave is because while your hair is growing out, it’s getting worn away and thins out and when you shave it, it grows back the thickness it’s supposed to be. In other words, no, I do not.
If you’re still in grade school, what summer reading book(s) are you going to read?
Our school doesn’t have a reading list, but I don’t even need one. I read a BUNCH of books that I can’t even remember.
What was the stupidest trend you followed?
I don’t follow trends. I don’t even pay enough attention to know what they are…
Any interesting encounters with a celebrity? If so, share the best one!
At the Weird Al concert at the Utah State Fair this week we saw some random guy from some movie called Sons of Provo, which I have never seen, and he gave me a hug even though I had no idea who he was. Also, we got a wave from Jim, Al’s lead guitarist.
Do you go to Barnes and Nobles to actually read books or just magazines?
I don’t go to Barnes and Nobles because the nearest one is, like a half an hour away… Books, though.
Do you have any polaroid pictures lying around?
I think we have an old one of a cardboard cutout of an astronaut…
Did your last 11:11 wish come true or not?
I go to sleep before that, silly, and I’m walking through the hallway during that time of the afternoon.
What’s the first channel you turn to when you open your TV?
“Open” my television? That’s confusing… I don’t usually watch TV.
What are you watching?
Right now, we are watching some John Bytheway thing.
Does it take you at least five minutes to decide what you want to eat in a food shop?
We don’t usually go out, but when we do, we go to the same place and I’m lame enough to get the same thing every time…
What insects or bugs do you fear most?
I don’t really. Ticks are a little nerve-wracking…
Did ever get scared by someone and drop something important while you’re at it?
No, but we had a five-hundred piece puzzle on a board and I was carrying it and I dropped it… and then we counted the pieces while we picked them up and ended up with more than five-hundred because my father and I are bad at counting.
Do you think weed is just as bad as cigarettes?
I don’t know. Are stab-wounds just as bad as bullet-wounds?
What number is most common in your phone number?
I don’t have any more than pairs of numbers in it…
What color do you dye your hair most often with?
Occasionally I put different hues of red low-lights in my hair.
Don’t you just love free samples?
Not really. I feel like a thief when taking them.
Did you watch any of the movies nominated for Best Movie Of The Year? Did they deserve the nomination?
I don’t know what movies were nominated….
What’s the most annoying notification you get on your feed on Facebook?
I change the settings so that I don’t get unwanted notifications.
Do you doodle or write lyrics on your folder?
I use a form of the Elvish language that J.R.R. Tolkien created for The Lord of The Rings, but I don’t write anything interesting. Just the name of the class.
What do you think about music shuffle surveys?
I think they are pretty amusing, but I really like music and I really like email surveys. :)
What are some bands that annoy the heck out of you?
I don’t really HATE many bands…
Do you still consider overly photoshopped pictures photography?
If someone still took the picture, yes. I like Photoshop… probably too much.