We left on Thursday and drove for a while until we got to Salt Lake (I didn’t notice because I was too busy listening to my music and singing badly). Then, we drove around some more because we had gotten there early.

We parked in one of those underground garages and then waited by the doors for the Clark Planetarium to open.

At first we were at the underground entrance, so it was a little dark for photo-taking, but I wanted to start the adventures of my Goomba friend here. My mother was a little annoyed by Goomba, but I couldn’t stop.

So we waited down there for about ten minutes and then we decided to go up outside where the main entrance was. Out there, the camera was promptly taken away from me because my mother thinks I’m not so great at taking photos… I am also, it seems awkward at being in them, as are my siblings.

I’m not sure whether Andrew was trying to look bored or not, but… I was pretending to sneeze and that behind Andrew says, “Toys for your BRAIN.” Who’s terrible at photo taking now, Mom?

Anyway, we were finally allowed in and I basically pointed the camera at the first thing I saw and progressed from there.

Which was a giant globe. It was sitting in the middle of the lobby and we were there for like ten minutes while my dad bought us tickets.

Then, I saw this poster and got mildly excited (spazztic) and of course I had to take a picture. The Goomba was blurry because I was trying to figure out the settings on it. There were a BUNCH of variations on this particular photo, but this was the one where he was mostly in the center, so… yes.

And then I turned around and saw THESE hanging above the gift shop and I got even more excited. All four houses are there, only you can’t really see because the lighting in the building was awful. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to rush to the gift shop immediately to explore, we were walking in the other direction.

It’s hard to tell what’s going on with this, but the first display there was this GIANT pendulum. The point of the pendulum was that it kept swinging all day and in the same direction, even though it appears that it rotates in a circle, when, in fact, it’s actually that the room has rotated (relative to the rotation of the earth) and the pendulum has kept going the same way… Which probably doesn’t make sense the way I’m discribing it, but I can’t even quite wrap my mind around it anyway, so… sorry. Google it or something. Anyway, the gold blur in the background is the pendulum… yeah.

There was this weird bowl with a fog machine in it. The paper thing is talking about clouds, but I didn’t read it (because I’m lame), I just took a picture. There were a bunch of other globes and stuff about the earth there too. Then we went upstairs to the IMAX theater. We watched something about Sea Dinosaurs. I don’t really remember because it wasn’t as spectacular as we had anticipated.

We then went back downstairs and passed through the gift shop where there was a TON of Harry Potter stuff. It was because they were showing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 in the IMAX theater.

In the gift shop, we saw Harry Potter scarves and beanies. I wanted to buy a hat, but 1) I am unaffiliated at the moment when it comes to houses, so I would have had to buy them all, and 2)I only had enough for one hat. :( There was a scarf with the Hogwarts crest on it, but I only saw it in passing and I didn’t get a picture.

After going through the gift shop, we went up to the third floor where there was MORE stuff to look at. There was a pretty amusing game wherein you had the sun and a belt of ice comet thingies and you could disrupt the flow of them and make the orbit change and stuff, but you couldn’t let the Earth get destroyed by flying planets. Then we walked to the end of the room and discovered these photo corner things where you could pretend to be on the moon or mars. Naturally I took some Goomba pictures.

After finishing up at the Clark Planetarium, we went out for lunch and then went back to watch a show about black holes in the Dome Theater. It was also a little disappointing, but only because their graphics were a little lame.

We then went to our hotel to check in. My younger siblings, Andrew and Alison, wanted to go swimming in the pool, so I went out and sat in one of those pool chair thingies next to a really old man who was reading a Dean Koontz book, while I read Ender’s Game. When they were finished swimming we went into our room and watched horrible television shows until it was time to eat.

We walked three blocks up to Olive Garden and our waiter was Ryan Shepard with an A (We are Shepherds, with h’s and e’s). We ate food and then we walked back to our hotel.

We were there by 8:3o, so my family watched Journey To The Center of The Earth while I hungrily devoured Ender’s Game. When it was time for bed, my mother turned off the lights before I’d finished reading, so I waited for nearly a half an hour until they were all snoring (literally) and then used my cell phone to finish reading the book.

The next morning, we woke up at 7:3o, ate bagels, and checked out of our hotel at 8:15 or something. It took us twenty minutes to drive six blocks north and park. We walked over to the LDS conference building, but it turned out that they weren’t going to let us in until 9 so we wondered around outside taking pictures of fountains and such.

As you can see, my family would not be persuaded into looking normal for their pictures.

At three minutes to nine, some really tall (but elderly) men in suits walked in out of no where and unlocked the doors to the conference center for us. We started our tour which took us through the lobby to this fountain thing with this hanging over it.

Our tour guide said, “This fountain has no significance except for that it is beautiful.” Then we went up the escalator to the actual auditorium.

We went down to the bottom and listened to our tour guide talk about all the events that had recently happened at the conference center and a whole bunch of stuff and then we went up more escalators to where there was a bunch of art.

I did not escape the family curse of being completely awkward in photos. We then went up an elevator onto the roof where it afforded us some spectacular views of the LDS Temple, a view which I obstructed with my Goomba friend.

There was also a fountain up on the top of the roof… and a lot of pine trees (to which I am allergic).

Then we took the elevator all the way down to the ground floor. We had to wait to walk across the street so I took some more pictures of the temple with the Goomba.

After that we had to walk all the way across Temple Square before we could get around to the front to see how pretty it was up close. In the mean time we saw more fountains!

My dad and I thought that this fountain was HILARIOUS, but my mom got mad at us for making fun of other people’s art. Then we walked around to the front of the temple where they have this GIANT reflecting pool. We had to sit there for twenty minutes because, of course, every child within fifty feet of the pool HAD to run over to it and disrupt the serenity of the surface, including my little brother and sister. So we waited for a little while until all the children went away and all the ripples calmed down so that I could take some pictures.

After a bunch of pictures we walked around and into random buildings. I saw a few statues and I wanted to get pictures of them and the Goomba, but I had to step on the grass and I didn’t want to get yelled at so all I got was one very bad picture.

Then we walked back around the way we had come and across the street to this museum. I HATE museums. I think they’re lame. Some of the stuff might be interesting, but there are some stereotypes that I cannot avoid. The only two pictures I got were these.

The stained-glass window wherein I got too close to Goomba, so he’s blurry, and the insane quilt. I’m not sure how much you know about quilts, but this one is the kind that insane people do. I didn’t get a close enough picture for you to fully enjoy it’s insanity, but oh well.

After enduring a roomful of art that all looked suspiciously the same (ended up they were all by the same guy), we left and drove a couple towns over to find some food. Then we drove home. Exciting.