Using bad grammar is extremely evil and you should never do it…..

So far, I am failing miserably at summer time. I’ve been doing practically nothing and, despite the finest efforts of a few of my cousins, my older brother, and my Seminary teacher, I haven’t been able to do much more than walk up and down some stairs a billion times, bake a seven-layered cake (awesome), and…… write about a paragraph in my novel…. Well, that’s probably not true, I wrote a page or two, but then I decided to start over and have now written a few pages…. still not very much of an accomplishment compared to all the awesome Twitter people that I know of who are pwning at Camp NaNoWriMo (at which I have failed).
I am extremely bored with summer. I haven’t even read that many books (mostly due to the ONE book I’m working on that is EXTREMELY long and is taking a VERY long time to read thus making it IMPOSSIBLE for me to get much reading done), mostly I’ve just been sitting on the internet reading Wikipedia entries on The Lost City of Atlantis (I’m calling it research for my novel, but I’m just procrastinating) and watching The Bachelorette (spelling=WHATEVER… unless I spelled it correctly…) which is actually about ten times more amusing than I thought it was going to be. I’m also working on watching the 1963 season of Doctor Who, but I keep getting distracted by other TV shows that I get interested in. At least I’ve stopped watching Newsies several times a day.
Actually, another thing that I’ve noticed myself doing this summer a lot is going to the store (with no money) and just looking at all the stuff that I would want that I cannot have. Don’t worry, I won’t stoop to petty shoplifting, but I do drool a lot of Queen CDs and books. I’m not sure why I think that this will help me to feel like less of a loser with no job and no money. Of course, I always automatically open the Word document holding my novel when I turn my computer on in hopes that how little is written there will inspire/motivate me to write more, but obviously that’s not working. I’ve written a little in a notebook (more than I have typed) so maybe I should just get back to good old paper and pencil (the nostalgia should be most helpful).
Is it just wishful thinking that I keep getting more and more new ringtones even though I don’t get called/text messaged? I just think that it makes me feel like I’m sort of cool(*cough*pathetic*cough*) to have ringtones. My father says that his group at work make fun of people who have ringtones. So, in other words, my father works in a very positive, uplifting environment. I think it’s a little counter-productive to tell us stories about the people they shun at work when he’s been trying to get us to stop making fun of each other… but that might just be me.
OOOH, today, whilst playing Trivial Pursuit, my cousin, Paige, and I found the telephone number of the White House…. and then we called it… and then they answered and we all sat around the table laughing too hard to say/do anything and then we hung up, so if we get assassinated in the night by ninjas…. xD
This blogpost is beginning to get a little rambly, so I’m going to stop before I hurt myself (or someone else). So long, internet!