I’m going to talk about writing, because 1) it’s something I talk about a lot, 2) It’s something that’s easy to talk about, 3) it’s on my mind, 4) because I’m putting off writing in my novel because of issues that I will most likely outline sometime in this blog post, 5) I like typing and this is a subject that I could probably go off about forever. So, allons-y.

I’m not sure if I should start at the top of my list or at the bottom… So, I’ll start at the top, for fear of being cliche (of course, starting at the bottom as an act of rebellion is also cliche… LIVE IS ONE HUGE CLICHE!). Not a lot of people think that I talk much, but you should go talk to Leslie, because she will tell you that sometimes I cannot shut up. Especially if I’ve had an idea in my head for a few days. I won’t stop talking about it, but Leslie is just awesome and sits there patiently. I’m sure that sometimes she’s just ignoring me, but that’s okay because she always nods in the right places. When Josh was still living in our house, I would talk at him a lot while he was on his computer (I probably talk at Leslie more now because I don’t have Josh to talk at… sorry Leslie :P). Anyway, as you may or may not know, I am extremely insecure about my writing. If I even have a sliver of doubt (Stupid cliches xP) about something, I usually obsess about it. I am a very anxious person. At the same time, when I get a really great idea that I’m sure will never EVER fail, I can’t stop thinking about it, and because Leslie is the only one who can make sense of my disjointed thoughts, she’s the only one to whom I blab mostly.

I actually lied. Writing is not easy to talk about… in a way that makes sense to anyone besides Leslie, I mean. It’s hard for me to make sense when telling a story, so trying to explain the way that my mind works is next to hopeless. The best I can do is wave my arms and hands around wildly (which you can’t see because I’m typing) and hope that it makes sense… One of my former Seminary teachers, Brother Black, made fun of me once for waving my hands so wildly around. I don’t remember exactly what kind of discussion we were having, but I was trying to explain a question I had and he told me to calm down or I might hit someone.

Writing is on my mind because my friend, Amanda, wants me to do NaNoWriMo in June with her, since she was unable to do it in November. This works out because the OLL is going to do it again sometime during the summer anyway (YES!!!!). I’m trying to decide whether I want to use my time-travel novel idea for it… but I can’t really decide. Also, I finished the book I was reading yesterday and found myself (momentarily) without reading material, so I pulled out my book and was unable to think of something to write in it for almost an entire class period (until I found that I, indeed, had an extra book hidden in my backpack. HOORAH.).

Another issue I have is that, when I write, it’s like I’m opening up my soul and pouring out the story… or something like that. Also, I prefer typing to writing on paper. My computer is in my living room so as to connect it to the internet, but when I write, I like being in my room where it’s more private. Also, my mother has a nasty habit of watching over people’s shoulders whilst they write. I would drag my heavy, old desktop into my room, but then I forfeit my internet and IT’S HEAVY. So, I don’t want to start typing in the living room, simply because I don’t feel comfortable doing it here, but I also have to start doing this at one point or another, so… Procrastination is the answer for now. :P

So maybe I can’t go on forever with this topic, but it did occupy my attention for a while and I do like typing…………