I was ranting via Twitter, but then I decided that not having a character limit would be less stressful. This will just be me complaining about all the mean things that have happened to me today, so, ignore if you want. I’m going to make a list, because I think lists are cool. HA:

1) I had to carry my violin all around with me because I have to practice my unfinished duet that I will be playing with my mother (accompanied by Leslie) in Sacrament meeting at some point in the near future. After carrying that thing around on your shoulder for a while, you will porbably get severe pain somewhere in your upper body, most likely your head, shoulders, or neck.

2) I didn’t get very far with my final project in Web Page Design because I got distracted by Photoshop. I would LOVE to own Photoshop….

3) I had to ride the bus home for nearly an hour… those seats promote bad posture and are rarely comfortable after ten minutes of sitting on them… headache worsened.

4) I got home and I literally had to swim (okay, not literally, but… whatever) through a pile of papers to get from the living room to the kitchen to my bedroom and then back across the living room to turn my computer on.

5) Our internet usually take about fifteen minutes to turn on. [The people told us that we didn’t need to turn it off, but my parents are paranoid that someone is going to sit on our back porch and steal our internet… which is a joke because we can’t get wireless connector thingies to pick up our internet…ness…. so I don’t know why we don’t just leave it on… it would be easier. MY cousin Sam and I have a running joke. We decided that the only people smart (stupid) enough to try and steal our internet would be homeless people who had nowhere else to go to get internet but the middle of nowhere….)

6) While I was waiting for the internet to turn on, I made myself a bagel, and I was pouring myself some milk and I spilled it.

7) While I was cleaning up the spilled milk, my bagel got cold (I had toasted it).

8) I decided to go practice the one song that I can (sort of) play in the piano: Late by Ben Folds. I fail miserably at playing the piano, so that did next to nothing for my mood.

9) I then decided to play Guitar Hero, which is what I like to do to relieve my stress… although I haven’t played it since Christmas when my older brother moved out of the house. (I’m probably, secretly, horribly depressed… The only reason I’m so good at Guitar Hero is because I wanted to be better than Josh. We used to play it all the time…. *sigh*)

10) I logged onto my computer and then opened Firefox, which promptly was “not responding” for about ten minutes.

11) My mother was watching a movie right next to me, and you’d think she were deaf, the sheer volume of sound that emanates from the TV when she’s watching it. I had to turn my iPod up all the way just to block out the sound. It’s not that I don’t like watching movies occasionally, but I don’t particularly watching movies during the day, every day, or with other people in the room (due to the fact that I legitimately talk to myself… especially whilst I am driving and talking to yourself is kind of distracting to other people in the room, so I watch movies by myself so that I can talk to myself without disturbing anyone else).

12) I was talking to my father, telling him a story about my day and he walked outside and closed the door…. Of course, my parents frequently leave the room when I’m talking to them, so I guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

13) The duet I am writing for the song If You Could Hie To Kolob (the one which I am going to play in Sacrament meeting) is unfinished because Finale Notepad won’t let me change key signatures or time signatures in the middle of the song… which I need to do. All production on that has stopped until I have figured out what to do.

14) I’ve been meaning to write in my current book, but I can’t figure out whether character development is more important or plot development. I kind of hate going off on a tangent in the middle of the story (especially when it’s at the beginning), but in this case, a tangent would be helpful in developing the independence of my main character, which is important, in my opinion.

15) Kailey and I were supposed to make a slideshow for the Orchestra party next week, but she didn’t come over today and I don’t have access to most of the pictures that we would be using.

Well, that was incredibly stress relieving. I guess you’re supposed to follow up these sorts of things with lists of good things, but I’m really sort of lazy right now, so… maybe a future blog.