At first, I was thinking about blogging about the end of school, but I realize that I have nothing to say, except for that I object. Then, I decided to blog about the future, and I don’t mean, like, robots and space/time travel. Today, Leslie was revising her plans for her future (which I do practically every week). Last week we decided that we were going to be roommates in college, which is cool because her grandparents live quite close to Weber State, so we’re going to use their spare bedroom. Sometime in between now and our graduation from high school, we’re going to go to her grandparents house, somehow obtain bunk beds (awesome), and then repaint/re-carpet the room. Carpet is cool, I suppose, but the painting should be fun. We’re going to paint the walls as if they were bookshelves. Leslie took Interior Design last trimester, so she’s getting all prepared by planning out all the different color schemes for all of the different “shelves”. We’ll probably pencil everything in with rulers (or something) first, and then just paint over it. THEN, we’re going to obtain many real bookshelves and as many books as is possible, and we’re going to turn our room into a library.
Whilst trying to decide what she should do (she was going to be a nurse, but decided not to), I suggested that she just get a degree in English, like I am going to, because that’s pretty much the only thing either of us are any good at. This morning, we decided that we could get into publishing/editing and then maybe, someday, we can make our own publishing company. We’re also going to be ridiculously famous (not) for the book that we’re planning on writing together this summer. It’s a pretty good idea so far, even better than my current project about time-travel.
So, these are our plans for the future. Exciting….