I’m really having a hard time deciding what I’m feeling about the end of school. I’m not excited for summer, because I never do anything during the summer, but, then again, I also don’t want to be perpetually in the tenth grade for eternity. I’ve kind of got a bunch of finishings of projects scheduled for this summer, and I’m going to try to get more creative, but, if last summer is any indication, I’ll probably end up doing nothing. Then again, I want the summer to come because after the summer is school again. Apparently, high school is easy as a squashmore, but gets infinitely harder as a junior. I’m hoping that this is true because the tenth grade was super easy and kind of boring, with some fun exceptions (Orchestra, Seminary, ect.). Of course, whenever people tell you that something is going to be REALLY hard, it always ends up being super easy, and my expectations are not met. I’m not sure as to whether I’m going to do NaNoWriMo camp this summer. I know that my friend Amanda is going to do NaNoWriMo in June, but I have a lot more going on in June than I do in November, so still undecided about that. Then again, I don’t really have any new novel ideas besides the ones that I’m collaborating on with Leslie, so I would have to come up with a new idea to write, or cheat and just write the time-travel book I’m working on, which is definitely appealing… I also think that this summer I’m going to get a little more into poetry. I’ve never been a poetry kind of person, but I think it’s because the third grade ruined me. We were always forced to read/write all of this stupid, cheesy poetry and I hated it, but I know there’s better stuff out there. I just have to stop being lazy and go find it. Another thing I have to do is come up with a new, clever answer to the age-old question, “What’s up?”. Up until now, I’ve been saying, “Up is relative.” Which it is, but Brother Black and I argued about it for weeks before I proved him wrong with the power of the internet, so to continue saying it would be really mean. :P Leslie and I are thinking that we could find a really cool line from a poem to recite, but neither of us know anything much about poetry, so we’re going to do some research.