I sat my backpack on the floor next to my new desk and sat watching the clock. I was five minutes early for class, but I wanted to make a good impression for my first day of the fifth grade. The door swung open and a girl dressed in bright clothing stepped through the door. She had blond hair and was carrying a blue shoulder bag.
“Well then,” She said surveying the room and seeing only me. “this is a lively bunch. Fifth grade is going to be one heck of a party!” She grinned. I probably looked confused. I said nothing as the girl looked around then set her bag on the desk next to mine. She plopped down in her chair.
“Hiya, I’m Amerah. A-m-e-r-a-h. And that’s Am-er-uh, not A-mare-ah. I’m not a horse.” I stared. “What’s your name?”
“Emily.” Amerah stuck her hand out and I shook it. The bell rang a few minutes later and our classmates trickled in, along with our teacher, a short chubby woman. The teacher talked a lot about how the school year was going to go, but I couldn’t concentrate on her, because Amerah was trying not to laugh.
“…and I know that we can all be great friends.” The teacher said. Amerah laughed rather loudly. The class stared at her.
“Sorry.” Amerah said as she covered her mouth.
We colored a picture for the next hour, which Amerah complained loudly about.
“We’re not Kindergarteners!”
The bell rang for break and Amerah pulled on my arm to go outside. We walked to the monkey-bars.
“Maybe she really does want to be friends.” I suggested to Amerah.
“Just because she can’t find friends her own age, what makes her think WE want to be friends with her?”
“I don’t know…”
“Neither do I.”
“Anyway, moving on.”
“To what.”
“Let’s just say we are unicorns.”
“We’re unicorns. Come on!”
Amerah started running off across the soccer field. I reluctantly followed her.